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Studio files lawsuit against The Hobbit 'mockbuster'


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California judge blocks release of Hobbit rip-off

A California judge has successfully put a temporary restraining order on the studio behind new film Age of the Hobbits.

The Asylum, responsible for notorious ‘mockbusters’ Titanic 2 and Transmorphers, insist that they will go ahead with their latest release, and have dismissed director Peter Jackson’s lawsuit as “frivolous”.

A representative from the direct-to-DVD film studio said, “We continue to believe that this frivolous lawsuit was filed to divert attention from the adverse publicity and poor reviews received by The Hobbit movie.”

In their defence, The Asylum claimed they were in possession of market research which proves they are not trying to deceive viewers into purchasing Age of the Hobbits by mistake.

"We maintain our position that the film title Age of the Hobbits is authorized and protected under the law."

However, the title of the film has now changed on The Asylum website to Clash of the Empires.

It is rumoured that the film-makers are attempting to remove references to “hobbits” from the film ahead of its early 2013 release.

The intellectual property rights to character and species names in the Lord of the Rings Universe belong to Jackson and JRR Tolkien’s family.

New Zealand-born Jackson has blasted the mockbuster, calling the creators “unoriginal”.

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