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Film review: 7aum Arivu


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7aum Arivu The long awaited Tamil film 7aum Arivu, starring Surya Sivakumar was released on 26th October (Diwali) everywhere in the world. However, with hit releases such as Ayan (2009) Aadhavan and Singam (2010) has this film a quadruple home run for Kollywood’s favourite hunk?

The actor has agreed to once again work with A.R. Muragadoss, who was responsible for making Ghajini in 2005 which was such a hit that he ended up remaking the film in Hindi for Aamir Khan.  The film also stars Shruti Hassan- the daughter of Kamal Hassan and Hollywood stunt actor Johnny Tri Nguyen as the villain.

The film first told the story about the legend of Bodhi Dharman, a man who went to China in order to teach the martial art now known as Shaolinquan and medicine in order to cure the Chinese villagers. The film then goes to modern day, where a circus performer Aravind (also played by Surya) is forced to revive as Bodhi Dharman through DNA by scientist Subha (played by Hassan) after Shaolinquan master Dong Lee (Nguyen) is sent by the Chinese government to impose ‘Operation Red’.

This film had everything going for it. I like Surya, I like A.R.Muragadoss and the plot above sounded incredibly interesting. And it was.... for like the first half hour.

The scene with Bodhi Dharman was wonderful. The background was beautifully done and it was incredibly emotive. Plus when the go to the Chinese Government meet, there was fascination to see what the mysterious ‘Operation Red’ was.

However, after that it pretty much went flat. As usual they decided to string it out with another love story which wasn’t really that entertaining unlike Ghajini which had us in fits of laughter. As well as that the fight scenes, like most Tamil films were unrealistic (even more in this case as they were caused by hypnosis) and a chore to watch. If I had a fast-forward button I would have pressed it right away, even if it was nice seeing a woman fight in a Bollywood film for once.

The cast were also not used to full use. Shruti’s acting was lacklustre and bland, and Surya was not as amazing as expected from him. Johnny, on the other hand, was a pleasure to watch.

Yet the most negative comment about this film was the fact that there were too many concepts. We had the main concept of history being vital of knowing about science today. But there were also secondary concepts such as the advance of genetical engineering and the revival of certain genes. In addition, there was also the threat of bio war and how much of an effect it is. There was far too much going on to understand what the true moral of the film was.

Films are supposed to be entertaining, teach us something or even better both. And for me it didn’t do either. I would go far as saying one of Surya’s worst films to date.

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