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Film review - The Inbetweeners


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Fans of gross-out teen comedy The Inbetweeners have been waiting with baited breath for the lads big-screen outing. One final hurrah for the four awkward ‘losers’ as they leave college and go on a coming-of-age lads holiday.

The Inbetweeners moviewSaid fans will not be disappointed with the show making a admirable transition from small to big screen. There is nothing that you wouldn’t expect from The Inbetweeners, each character truly digging their chosen furrow and the humour set in stone. 

As with the third series the film continues to take every route possible to easy laughs – the gross-out factor having truly overtaken the subtler humour much of the early episodes. But in this kind of humour it delivers. It may not be big, it may not be clever but it really is bloody funny.

In the laugh-stakes it is James Buckley’s performance as Jay that steals the show, his misplaced bravado and over-whelming machismo never failing to create a laugh with perfectly delivered lines.

But all the cast deliver on roles that they have made their own – so much so it is hard to imagine these actors playing any other characters in future.

The new characters, such as the love-interests, add a good balance to the ladish onslaught, and some depth to the overall plot.
Somewhat betraying the nature of the show, the movies overly happy-ending is a bit of a disappointment – these characters are not meant to have things go their way! The fact they are hopeless, hapless idiots is the whole point.

Some people will want to see this happy-ending, but I felt it was a cop-out on the part of the writers and an unfitting end.

Although not perfect, The Inbetweeners is a quality cinema outing for a British comedy institution and one that, on the whole, does it justice.

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