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Review: Bridesmaids


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My experience of ‘chick flicks’ is that they tend to be easy viewing but generally forgettable.  This is exactly what I expected of the box office hit ‘Bridesmaids’.

The 90% rating on made me think it might actually be alright so I decided to leave my prejbridesmaidsudice at home and take a trip to the cinema.

I consider myself to be fairly apathetic when it comes to comedy. It has to be really really funny for me to even consider looking amused. When remembering scenes from Peep Show or The Office I can recall feeling amused but actual physical laughter is few and far between.

Bridesmaids started and I decided to relax and enjoy it. Just to be entertained for a few hours, even if it was inane generic feel-good comedy.

Within around half an hour I laughed out loud more times than I think I ever have. I didn’t even feel embarrassed at my outbursts; the rest of the audience were joining in anyway. I was already ready to search the script writer and director online to find out how I had not come across these geniuses before.

Simple interactions turn into full blown first class comedy sketches. The characters are a bit more real than those you usually come across in Hollywood and I challenge you not to recognise traits in people you already know.

I won’t give away the plot. I won’t read into the political messages that complicate the entertainment value. I will just say, go and see it. You will leave the cinema feeling like you have just seen an amalgamation of a hilarious standup comedy show and a perfectly directed storyline.

Believe the hype.

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