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FILM REVIEW: Battle: Los Angeles


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Battle: Los Angeles presents an apocalyptic scenario starring Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar), in which a marine platoon must help defend the world from alien attack. It’s all very ‘God Bless America’ and inevitably, as with possibly all of Hollywood Sci-Fi, America wins and saves the world with no squeak from any other nation, hooray and whoop.

What’s good about Battle: Los Angeles is its ability to do exactly what it says on the tin. It certainly provides a cracking battle, full of noisy special effects and ginormous explosions, which are all, as promised, very much in Los Angeles. These are actually pretty convincing, albeit with annoying shaky camera syndrome, but that is about all the good that comes from Battle: Los Angeles.

The ‘battle’ novelty quickly grows old and I found myself drifting off in parts, which is pretty difficult considering the volume of deafening gunfire that accompanies 99% of the film. That said, the film does break at times, just enough for a splattering of cliché war dialogue, most of which comes courtesy of the Staff Sargeant, played by Aaron Eckhart (Erin Brockovich), and then on with the flying bits of metal, blasts, bangs and fire, lots and lots of fire.

Despite its efforts, the majority of the film’s characters are as hollow as they are interchangeable. The film stars Michelle Rodriguez, who plays a tough female fighter pilot dedicated to saving the worl….hang on, didn’t she already do that in Avatar? And yes, it seems Michelle has chosen to play the same character twice.

At worst, Battle: Los Angeles mainly serves as a tedious propagandist recruitment drive by the US military. At best, it will remind you of watching your boyfriend play Call of Duty for two hours. The only difference being the unwelcome addition of aliens with the authenticity of Robocop who make Independence Day, which was made over a decade ago, look like cutting edge CGI.

Battle: Los Angeles is exactly what it claims to be: a disaster of a movie.

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