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4th February 2011

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Michael Caine stars in the 1968 film Dead Fall as a poker-faced, dare-devil, cat-burglar and love maker who tries his luck in exotic Spain.

 Agreeing to go in with a married couple on the next big job, Caine falls in love with the beautiful Fé Moreau (Giovanna Ralli) as lured secrets are revealed about her husband. The film blends picturesque shots of sunny Spain with intense close-ups of the never blinking Michael Caine and others. At 145 minutes, however, the plot appears to progress at a pedestrian pace with a great deal of frustratingly elusive dialogue.

Caine carries the film on his own two shoulders with his brooding charisma, while the other actors are sadly lacking. There is some exciting action near the beginning of the film as Caine muscles his way through a classic heist, but it gently peters out into not so shocking revelations about the slimy looking husband in the tweed suit.  

RRP: £19.99

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