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Review: Jackass 3D


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Jackass is back with the third instalment of dangerous pranks and stunts. Not only will we see the familiar faces of Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera, but the film marks the 10th anniversary of the Jackass franchise, which started in 2000.

JackassThis film follows the same format as the previous two films, just a compilation of many interestingly named pranks and stunts, with no set plot. The gang returns with more captivatingly dangerous and quite frankly, cringe worthy stunts. This includes the new and the familiar. Fans of the franchise will be pleased to hear that the old man suits make a welcomed reappearance.

Some of the more creative stunts that stick out include a game of tether ball with a beehive and Bam gluing his hands to his father's chest, in order to act as a wax strip.

Jackass 3D is essentially, more of the same. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, Jackass achieves its intention of gross-out and stupidly-brave comedy.

This film is definitely not for the faint hearted, and if you have not seen the previous stunts of the Jackass boys, I wouldn't advise rushing out and buying a front row seat, unless you fully know what you will be getting yourself in for. Almost two hours of rude, crude and incredibly dangerous stunts may sound like heaven to some, other however don't particularly view full frontal male nudity and extreme bodily harm as an enjoyable time. This film is definitely the most revolting film of the year.

Despite this, Jackass has definitely become a guilty pleasure amongst most people. After ten years of knowing the gang and spectating as they put themselves through hell, as an audience, we almost feel like we know them. And this third instalment feels like catching up with old friends, who have not changed a bit.

Regardless of your own personal opinion , it delivers. And it took a massive $50,000,000 during its opening weekend in the US. Which you have got to admit is incredible! You can catch the gang in three dimensional glories at cinemas now.

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