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Example abuses students after Graduation Ball bail

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Last night (Monday 10th June 2013) University of Southampton hosted their annual Graduation Ball, an opportunity for final year students to celebrate their time at university and say goodbye to friends in style.

This year's event was set to be one of the biggest and best the University have ever hosted yet it was marred by a no-show from headline act, internationally renowned solo artist, Example.


The organisers of the event, the staff of University of Southampton’s Students Union (SUSU), were informed of Example’s pulling out an hour before he was due to perform at midnight.

The headline slot was filled by a collaboration between DJ Fresh and Fluer who were due to perform seperately.

 Union President Sam Ling released a statement on the night about the series of events:

“Unfortunately at 11 o’clock this evening Example pulled out of performing. We are incredibly disappointed, particularly at the late notice. However all of our staff have been working phenomenally hard behind the scenes and we have pulled together Fleur and DJ Fresh who perform together often. They are going to be coming together to do a collaboration as your headline act tonight. We’re really excited to be able to do that, particularly at the late notice, I think it’s going to be a phenomenal climax to the night.”

Example proceeded to add insult to injury when he lashed out at disappointed students on Twitter today.

Many students who were disppointed with his no show after paying just under £50 for the event and took to the social media network to voice their annoyance. 

The Twitter war-of-words  started when Example tweeted about his inability to perform on the night:

Example Tweet 

This sparked an onslaught of responses to Example and many, often abusive retaliations from the star:

George TweetReply


George Doel an English and Film student at University of Southampton received one of the first abusive replies from Example, here is what he had to say about the ordeal:

“I just tweeted about Example not turning up and made a joke about how losing his voice doesn't effect his performance style of talking over music and jumping around the stage. To which he called me a prick. People started tweeting me having a go, saying to leave him alone. It was quite funny really. People say he needs to be professional but I think he's just larking around. And with what people dish out its only fair he can say stuff back. What I will say is that being in the public eye, he should expect criticism for not showing up to a gig”

The theme of many of his tweets was targeting the fact that they were students. Often likening his absence due to illness to students missing lectures:

This noticeable theme got taken a little further as Example generalised students:
As Example started replying to more people his replies got progressively more abusive. Often swearing and on one occasion personally attacking a student’s display picture:


After his actions today it leaves the question about his performance tonight at Nottingham Trent University. Will he show up? Or will be bail at the last minute?

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