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Comment: The day Maggie died

9th April 2013

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The first announcement of Thatcher's death came for me in the office by a colleague: “Thatcher’s dead” he said.  My reply: “What do you mean, they're not making Thatchers anymore?”

(For those not familiar with the West Country, Thatchers is a brand of cider which recently announced it'd be stopping production of its two litre bottles. I was horrified of course.)

The majority of people reading this article I imagine were not born in Thatcher's Britain or are too young to remember the iron (or some would say stubborn) lady's Tory government.

You'll hear about how the poll tax tore family income apart, how the mining trade in Wales was diminished and see videos of anarchy in the UK as punks, miners and parents came together to oust the iron out of office. Yet does it go much further than that?

I can only speak for myself but I do not remember a history of Thatcher page in the school history books. I have not even watched the Meryl Streep film yet; maybe I should.

Like many of us my childhood was spent in Blair's Britain where after what looked like such a torrid time came new hope, Oasis and lads mags. We we're all having such a great time singing “things will only get better” in 1997. We knew very little of the great depression before us.

Yet the death of the Baroness has made me stop and wonder if we are on the verge of a relapse into Thatcher times. Despite a slight yellow stain on David Cameron's otherwise perfect blue dress we look to be heading back into darker times.

The miners have been replaced by students, the poll tax is now the bedroom tax and the chancellor is now parking his Range Rover in disabled bays after a winter of benefit cuts.

Thatcher rose to success following despondence with British politics and on the promise that the best of Britain was yet to come. You can't help but thinking history will repeat itself once again; new new Labour will be drafted in and we'll all be singing 'David on the guillotine' instead in years to come.

The polemicist, Morrissey himself yesterday summed up a generation of ill feeling towards the Baroness calling her “a terror without an atom of humanity.”

And with that the Argentines were dancing way on into the night as were the people of Brixton and Glasgow in a display of Day of the Dead parties. The Ritzy cinema in Brixton became an internet hit as its sign was reworded to write 'Margaret Thatcher is dead LOL.' Not to mention an internet hashtag that led Cher fans everywhere (yes they do exist) apparently to think it was actually her that had died. #nowthatchersdead if you can see the trick.

It would seem she left a legacy for some and became a nightmare many others were more than glad to forget. And that was the day Maggie Thatcher died.

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