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Comment: Top couriers ban transportation of lab animals after PETA campaign


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PETA are FedEx UPS with the knowledge that animals are being transported by well-known airlines to testing laboratories across the world. Continental Airlines, Air Canada and Aer Lingus are amongst some of the hundreds of airline culprits who are making a tidy profit off the transportation of animals, most of the time in the cargo holds of unsuspecting passenger flights.

But recently, there is a glimmer of hope in the courier industry as announced in London the other day, three of the world’s largest cargo carriers, FedEx, DHL and UPS have put their foot down on animal transportation and made their promise to PETA US and UK that they under no circumstances will allow for this kind of practice.

A Policy Advisor from PETA UK made it very clear that “PETA UK and its international affiliates will continue to do all possible in stopping the remaining airlines’ participation in the cruel practice.”

World leaders of cargo airlines and shipments, FedEx, UPS and DHL, are in sync with public opinion on rejecting the involvement of transporting animals that are inevitably going to be poisoned, dissected, infected, mutilated and ultimately killed in testing laboratories all across the globe.

 Some of the animals are bred in captivity, others are snatched from their homes in the wild, but they all suffer the same fate, being forced into cramped wooden crates, thrown into the backs of trucks and lorries, and in the cargo hold along with your suitcase. Over 1,000 monkeys each year are imported into the UK from the EU and beyond for lab testing, where they are cruelly injected with poisonous chemicals. In 2010, nearly 23,000 non-primates were taken from their natural habitats, destined to laboratories for testing in the US alone.

Following its huge and so far successful campaign, PETA US are in celebration over their recent news from one of the biggest culprits, Air China, who have released a statement saying they will no longer ship primates for use of animal testing in laboratories.

It’s a big world and a big battle that PETA UK and PETA US have on their hands, and with many companies such as British Airways on board for the ban of transportation of animals, this campaign is only to go from strength to strength, but please spare a moment and help the campaign by signing the petition on their website. Remember this letter is going to some of the airlines that you might travel on, and it needs to be emergency stopped.


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