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The best indie fashion mags to fill your bookshelf


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When it comes to fashion magazines, often the first publications that spring to mind are Vogue, Cosmo or Glamour. But whilst these are all amazing reads, the independent mags can get overlooked by their popular, glossy counterparts. 

Though indie mags tend to be distributed less often, they generally have a longer shelf life and invite us to flick through pages brimming with original photography, underground fashion trends and alternate perspectives without the constant interruption of numerous ads.

Image credit: Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

So, take a look at our pick of the top independent magazines that you need to read:


The Gentlewoman

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Founded in 2010 by the publishers of Fantastic Man, the title has managed to portray the female style and demur in a way that’s both empowering and elegant, in a world where women can often be trivialised in the mainstream media. 

Through its timeless aesthetic, its huge catalogue of covers stars - including Sandra Oh, Saoirse Ronan, Julia Davis, Lizzo and Robyn - are showcased in a refreshing new light.  



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Not strictly a fashion magazine, but we had to include it. Gal-Dem began as an online platform but has now expanded into print. The online and print publication represents women and non-binary people of colour that the mainstream media doesn't shine a light on, sharing their perspectives with the world. 


Buffalo Zine 

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Buffalo Zine has well and truly established itself as a cult favourite within the industry. The magazine began as a 150-page newspaper in 2011 and is now a hard-back wonderland packed with unconventional attitudes to fashion and imagery.

Buffalo Zine isn’t one for rules either, with no ads and new issues released whenever the team feels like it.



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System is a huge favourite among fashion-headed folk. The London-based bi-annual publication is known for its lengthy conversations surrounding the bridge between fashion and contemporary culture as we know it. 

The title also has access to some pretty amazing and powerful figures within the industry, including Raf Simons, Juergen Teller and Giorgio Armani, making for quite the interesting read. 


Metal Magazine

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Rising to fame for its stand-out visuals, the bi-annual title born in Barcelona curates the perfect blend of high fashion and modern art – delivering artistically-inspired fashion editorials that will honestly make you drool.

It’s quite literally fashion porn.



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Each gorgeous issue of Holiday focuses on a different region of the world and the glorious fashion that inhabits it - it’s essentially a huge international style and travel review.

They’re currently in New Zealand and we can’t get enough. 


Beauty Papers

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Okay so it may not strictly be just style-based, but the unmistakable charm and distinct eye for unique imagery make Beauty Papers impossible not to include on this list.

Like, come on - have you ever seen beauty and style editorials quite like this before? Enough said.



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Originally launched as a blog by Winter Mendelsonback in 2013, Posture has grown into an empire within its own right – becoming a digital magazine, annual print magazine and full-blown creative studio that produces a huge range of projects spanning podcasts to events.  

One thing in particular that the title is known for is its representation of women, people of colour and the LGBTQ+ community. The pages are brimming with interviews and style profiles that aim to support independent designers and the slow-fashion movement, meaning that instead of focusing on the latest fashion fad, the platform focuses on the voices of creatives who are pushing the industry, and the culture attached to it, in the right direction. 

This publication really has it all.

So while uni may currently be on break, we hope these magazines are reason enough to keep reading through the summer months!

For more summer reading, check out our guide to essential fashion books here.

Lead image credit: Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

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