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Stranger Things 3: The top 5 fashion moments


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Oh, Stranger Things. Just when I thought I had all the eighties fashion nostalgia I could ever need from Full House and John Hughes, you went and filled a void I never knew I had.  

The series’ latest instalment revolves around Starcourt, Hawkins’ shiny new shopping centre (or “mall” as it’s known to locals), which signals a new era in styling for the town’s residents: Gap, Claire’s, J.C. Penney… the possibilities are endless.  

Image credit: Lowtrucks [Public domain] on Wikimedia Commons

So, as I feel bound to do for every social phenomenon that leaves me feeling sartorially apathetic towards the meager offerings of my own wardrobe, I’ve picked my five top fashion looks from Stranger Things’ latest offering. 

Erica Sinclair 

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Priah Ferguson’s character, Erica Sinclair, was promoted to a series regular for season three and I am SO glad she was. As if her sassy quips and no-nonsense approach to earning a fair wage (ice cream for life) for her vent-crossing escapades wasn’t enough, she consistently turned up in enviable outfits. No one has ever worn dungarees so well.  Candy-hued stripes reminiscent of her favourite treat, statement plastic jewellery in ice cream tones, her novelty zipper earrings… I’m calling it, thanks to Erica, next season’s most sought-after accessory will be a USS Butterscotch.  

Hopper’s shirt

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The Hopper we’ve come to know and love is practically synonymous with that khaki police chief uniform that was apparently fused to his body. Not anymore. Come season three, Hopper sends one of his deputies to Starcourt to choose him something a little more “cutting edge” so that he can impress Joyce Byers. The result - a minty, salmony tropical print button-down - doesn’t get the debut it deserves as Joyce is otherwise preoccupied by failing magnets, but we certainly appreciated it. Finally, an outfit to reflect the happier, more personable Hopper that’s been slowly but surely emerging for the last couple of seasons.  

Karen Wheeler’s poolside aesthetic 

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Books are the accessory of the season and Bella and Gigi Hadid are credited with kickstarting the trend. But please, have some respect for your elders; if anyone knows how to make a literary fashion statement, it’s Karen Wheeler of Hawkins, Indiana reading Johanna Lindsey’s “Tender is the Storm”. Despite having three children and a husband who seems to do little more than sleep on the armchair, Mrs Wheeler makes sure her nail varnish, plastic beads and gaudy eyeshadow compliment her clashing, colour block swimsuit perfectly. I only wish she’d think of the turtles and ditch the plastic straw.  

The Scoops Troup’s nautical coordination 

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I’d imagine the uniforms that ice cream scoopers Steve and Robin were forced to wear are supposed to be embarrassing, but personally I kinda love their nautical coordination.  Breton stripes are a timeless classic, so why would a jaunty sailor’s hat and a cute little neck tie make them any less wearable? The fact both scoopers accessorise their ensembles with GREAT hair, a healthy dose of affectionate insults, and a genuine budding friendship only increases the attractiveness of putting all my angsty monochrome wares on Depop and embracing a more seafaring version of myself.  

Max and Elevens' shopping trip 

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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Most Iconic Shopping Trip Since Clueless. I don’t mean to get all soppy on you, but Max educating Eleven about the importance and joy of finding and embracing your own style, distinct from that of your boyfriend or parent, provided a relatable and aesthetically pleasing moment amidst all the mind flaying. The summertime setting of this season already blessed us with Max’s Cali girl cut offs and tees, and when Eleven realises she’s quite partial to a groovy shirt and some suspenders the sartorial gifts just kept on coming.  


It remains to be seen whether there’ll be a season four of Stranger Things, but even if round three is the last we’re going to get we’ve got enough style inspiration to last us a lifetime.  

Lead image credit: Lowtrucks [Public domain] on Wikimedia Commons

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