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The Star Sign Style Stakes: our Cancer fashion icons


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Those born under the Cancer sign are known for being guided by their emotions and their heart. 

Being so in touch with their own sensitivities and feelings often makes them tenacious and highly imaginative, and we think there’s no better outlet for your imagination than a good old dressing up session. When it comes to fashion, it’s clear these Cancerians agree.

Image credit: AAvindraa, via Wikimedia Commons

Camila Mendes

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The onscreen character that helped her shoot to stardom may be known for her preppy ensembles and Blair Waldorf-esque headbands, but Camila Mendes’ own style is decidedly less Upper East Side. As Teen Vogue’s May cover girl, she’s certainly earned her sartorial stripes, and whether it’s a full-on Met Gala gown or an edgy boiler suit and biker boot combo, she’s got it nailed.

Lana Del Rey

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As the lady who inspired a whole generation of angsty Tumblr teens, it would’ve been almost blasphemy to exclude Lana Del Rey from this list. With sleek cat-eye makeup and a 60s bouffant, no one wears a floaty dress like her.

Meryl Streep

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As someone who’s portrayed two of the 21st century’s most celebrated style icons on screen- Miranda Priestly and Donna Sheridan, duh- the pressure’s on for Meryl Streep to induce fashion envy in her own attire. But we need not worry; she’s a pro when it comes to clothes. Her numerous trips down red carpets have provided her with quite the style file, and shown us that whether it’s a traditional gown, a modern suit, or a classic trench, there’s nothing she can’t pull off. 

Diana, Princess of Wales

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Princess Diana gave us the revenge dress. She gave us the power suit. She gave us more hats than Philip Treacy. But most importantly, she gave us sweatshirts over turtlenecks and cycling shorts as fashion long before any 2018 Instagram influencer could. And for that, we are truly grateful.

Margot Robbie

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Despite not being one for loads of colour, Margot Robbie’s style choices still manage to stand out. She always cuts a brilliantly sleek figure, not the red carpet, favouring perfectly-fitted sheath gowns and uncomplicated colour palettes. Her street style is just as refined, but with an effortless edge that can’t be taught. Want to embrace leather mixed with bohemian ruffles mixed with beach waves? She’s your girl.

Mindy Kaling

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No one does colour like Mindy Kaling; somehow, we’re yet to find a hue that doesn’t look like Pantone blended it specifically to suit her. A self-confessed go-hard-or-go-home kinda lady who thinks that “showing up means you care…I’m very effortful”, she’s a dab hand when it comes to a statement, structured red-carpet wear. There are few things more exciting in fashion than someone who truly enjoys dressing up and going all out, and there’s no doubt Mindy completely embraces that.

Debbie Harry

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As the frontwoman of Blondie, it’s basically impossible to look back at the 70s and 80s and not picture the iconic rock n roll look of Debby Harry. The alternative it-girl look she inspired is so iconic that my sister actually thought she alone was Blondie. Who needs a band when you’re that cool, after all? We have her to thank for making some of the most fun clothing in our wardrobe cool: she basically made leather jackets, mini skirts, and thigh-high boots. BRB, just going to chop my hair into an effortlessly tousled lob and trash my bedroom.


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In a world of celebrity style, Solange is a refreshing example of someone who dresses for herself. She dresses for self-expression, not for branding or for marketing, and it shows, with the best adjective for everything she wears simply being her own name: it’s just so Solange. She follows no era, no aesthetic, no bygone style icon, and in a fashion era defined by reimagining the past, that’s pretty priceless.

So there are our Cancer style icons. For more star sign style, check out our previous signs here, and pop back next month to see who made the cut in Leo season. 

Lead image credit: AAvindraa, via Wikimedia Commons

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