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The Star Sign Style Stakes: Our Gemini fashion icons


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Oh Gemini, the celestial twin. We never know quite what to expect when it comes to this two-sided sign, and that certainly makes for some exciting fashion choices. 

Just when we thought that Nadine Coyle video was the greatest gift the Gemini sign had blessed us with, the following people graced the Earth and we’ve been envying their wardrobes ever since. 

Image credit: David Shankbone, via Wikimedia Commons

Marilyn Monroe

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There are few people more iconic than Marilyn Monroe and that’s due in no small part to her classic sense of style that pretty much dominated the 1950s. Although she could wear a tailored dress and heels like no other, she was also just as fluent in downtime dressing.  There’s a reason why she’s plastered across the bedroom wall of teenage girls (and boys) the world over.


Paul McCartney


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As ¼ of one of fashion’s most iconic aesthetics, there’s no way we couldn’t include Paul McCartney on this list; before Love, Actually brought black turtleneck mania into the 21st Century, there was The Beatles in all their thick-fringed glory. If there’s one thing that counts when it comes to fashion it’s timelessness, and Paul McCartney has proven time and time again that he’s one for the ages.     




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That Pantone hasn’t yet named a shade of purple “Prince” (or at the very least “Purple Reign”) is a travesty. Prince did more for the colour purple than Kylie Jenner did for over-lined lips. Peasant blouses, sequins, flares, ruffles, fringing, the greatest selection of co-ords we’ve ever seen… there’s pretty much not a single trend floating around today that we haven’t already seen Prince not only wear but command.


Neil Patrick Harris


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As someone who’s written many a best-dressed list, Neil Patrick Harris holds a special place in my heart for his refusal to stick to the tried-and-tested black suit and tie formula favoured by so many men. Also, his Halloween costumes are probably one of the only good things to come out of winter. 


Lauryn Hill


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If you think you’re being fashion-forward when you wear your silky headscarves, clashing prints, and statement hoop earrings then I hate to break it to you, but Lauryn Hill did it first.  Finished off with a slick of red lipstick and some sparkling eyeshadow, she was the 90s icon we have to thank for pioneering so many of our favourite trends today.




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Crisp candy-coloured shirts, dandy pinstripe blazers, panama hats… no, I’m not referring to Bert’s choice of attire for his day out with Mary Poppins. I’m talking about Macklemore.  Whether he’s head to toe in canary yellow or biker leathers, there’s pretty much no look he can’t pull off, plus he scores bonus points for reigniting a love for thrift shopping in the hearts of every teenager in 2012. 


Kristin Scott Thomas




Look, I don’t mean to disregard the French, but Kristin Scott Thomas in Four Weddings and a Funeral actually invented berets. And head-to-toe black. And smoking (although we don’t recommend you emulate her in this instance). Off screen, her wardrobe is just as enviable, with tailored suits and statement ball gowns aplenty. Plus, no one rocks a pixie cut quite like her… in short, when we grow up she’s exactly who we want to be. 


Stevie Nicks




Stevie Nicks is the DGAF cool girl I wish I was: breezy and billowy, draped in scarves and fringing, more hats than Philip Treacy. Stevie Nicks was basically young Donna Sheridan before ABBA had even finished their vocal warm up, and with summer on the horizon, it’s time we all whipped out our bell bottoms and tucked a flower behind our ear to pay homage to the original boho queen. 


North West


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Say what you want about Kanye. Think what you will about Kim. But North West is off-limits, unless you want to discuss how a child who’s barely in Key Stage 1 has a better wardrobe than all of us. We should’ve known when she toddled through LA draped in a black fur cape a la Sansa Stark that she wasn’t here to mess about, and her commitment to statement earrings, tiny shades and coloured snake print has only cemented her status as an official One To Watch. 


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen




If we ever need to exemplify the meaning of signature style, the Olsen twins would take pride of place on our flipchart. Was their attempt at camp for the Met Gala remotely successful? No. Can we fault their commitment to their aesthetic? Also no. Long sleeves, long hemlines, and long hair in every shade of black and beige with the odd lace ruffle thrown in for good measure may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying they do boho-grunge better than anyone else. 

Come back next month for our roundup of Cancer’s most fashionable, and in the meantime you can see previous signs here.


Lead image credits: Stevie Nicks: Wikipedia / Lauryn Hill: Truu, via Wikimedia Commons

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