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#GetLippy: The charity using cosmetics to talk about female health


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Unfortunately, it’s not surprising that a huge percentage of the population aren’t clued up on female gynaecological health. It’s a taboo subject that has been hushed up since time began. 

Whether it’s because of embarrassment at the way that we look or a lack of education about how everything works, we aren’t talking about female health nearly enough and we need to put a stop to it. Nearly half of the world’s population has a vagina, so why are we so bloody (no pun intended) embarrassed to talk about them? 

Image courtesy of The Eve Appeal

In a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of The Eve Appeal, the UK’s leading gynaecological cancer charity, shocking results were revealed about the state of education surrounding female health in the UK.

The statistics include the fact that 43% of men (and 18% of women!) believe that a tampon will interfere with the ability to urinate. This shows a staggering lack of basic knowledge of female anatomy.

Infographic credit: Ruby Naldrett (all statistics courtesy of The Eve Appeal/You Gov)

The Eve Appeal wants to put a stop to this, and their new Get Lippy campaign is all about opening up the conversations and talking to each other about what’s going on down there. 

As part of the campaign, they have partnered with several retailers including Tesco, Harvey Nichols and Karen Millen, which will all sell special editions of classic products (along with some completely new ones) throughout May,with at least 10% of all profits going to The Eve Appeal.

Our top Get Lippy picks:

Image courtesy of The Eve Appeal


Activist Nimco Ali is a leading force in the battle to end female genital mutilation and is an ambassador of the Get Lippy campaign. She says: “I am backing The Eve Appeal’s Get Lippy campaign this year because it’s time to break the silence and save lives. Not talking about our bodies is killing us and we need it to stop.”

Another ambassador is Dr Anita Mitra, who is more affectionately known as the Gynae Geek. She is passionate about starting the conversation surrounding gynaecological health. She says: “I’m supporting this fantastic campaign as a doctor because I don’t want my patients to delay reporting their symptoms due to embarrassment, as a scientist because we need to raise awareness of gynae cancers to improve research funding, and as a woman because I don’t want to see others suffer in silence.”

Image courtesy of The Eve Appeal


Suffering in silence is a big thing when it comes to women and their health. It’s important to know your body and not be embarrassed about it, so that you can know If something is wrong. Talk about your vagina, chat about your periods and discuss your vulva… it’s not embarrassing, and it might just save your life. 

The Get Lippy campaign products are available at selected retailers and online. See all the products and find out where to buy them here.

Forr more information about the campaign and top tips for talking about gynae health and what to look out for visit

Lead image courtesy of The Eve Appeal

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