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Festival-ready makeup looks that are achievable and affordable


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Festival season is officially upon us - queue the bold, glitter filled cut creases and booty-short/crop top combos that inevitably dominate our social feeds every year. Outfits and makeup looks seem to get increasingly outrageous as days go by, becoming people’s go-to opportunity for pushing boundaries with their appearance. It’s essentially summer’s answer to Halloween, so of course, we’re here for it.

Obviously first and foremost, festivals should be about the music and making memories rather than a fashion show, but who says you can’t have a good time and still get creative with your look?


Image Credit: Francesca Thompson-Smith

After reviewing Beauty Bay’s EYN Fiery palette a few weeks ago, I was dying to try out some other colours. So when they sent me the Bright edition, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to create some bold, festival-ready looks that were easily achievable and didn’t require too many products. Let’s be real, no one is taking an extensive makeup kit to Glasto and no one wants to spend their mornings cooped up in a tent perfecting their inner corner highlight. The instant appeal of this palette is the range of colours, so you can really switch up your looks all weekend with just one product. 


So, let’s get on with it - here are my three festival-ready makeup looks:


1. “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”

Image Credit: Francesca Thompson-Smith

Even though they are both mattes, the shades ‘Make Them Wink’ and ‘Hot Stuff’ are incredibly bold and pigmented, so I decided to give them centre stage in this look, just to prove that you don’t always need to rely on the shiniest shades to make an impact. I started with ‘Make Them Wink’ in the crease with ‘Hot Stuff’ on the lid. Still wanting to add a pop of sparkle, I finished it off with ‘Sweet Escape’ and some pink body glitter in the inner corner. Just to show how versatile the palette can be, I also used ‘Make Them Wink’ as blush, just in case I wasn’t pink enough already!


2. Acid Spill

Image Credit: Francesca Thompson-Smith

I’m a sucker for a deep purple shade, so was dying to try out  ‘Drama Queen’ and ‘Amethyst’ for a look that was a little darker than your average festival glam. To counter this, I added ‘Frosted Lime’, an acid green shade that really stands out against the purple hues. To finish this off, I added some green glitter to the inner corner and used white iridescent glitter as brow and cheekbone highlight.


3.  Sherbert Dip

Image Credit: Francesca Thompson-Smith

My final look ended up looking somewhat reminiscent of Refreshers sweets found in Pic-n-mixes, but I don’t think that’s actually a bad thing. I wanted to really go big with this one, so packed on the shade ‘Hello Sunshine’ above my crease and blended it right up to my brow bone, which I then highlighted with ‘Rise & Shine’. I then used ‘Pacific Dreams’ on my crease, blended with 'Lagoon’ on the lid, adding these to my lower lash line too. I finished by dabbing ‘Rise & Shine’ to my inner corner, which ended up blending with the blues to create a subtle sea-green colour. If you really want to go the extra mile, a blue lip is a really daring, yet fun option. NYX’s Liquid Suede lipsticks are a great long-lasting product for this!

Of course, piling on the glitter is a huge favourite for festival goers, but the base of a head-turning look is in the makeup itself. This palette is a great way to have all the neon-brights you’ll ever need in one place, and for only £12 it’s the perfect excuse to get creative this festival season without breaking the bank!


Lead image credit: Francesca Thompson-Smith

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