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This is how Mean Girls would look if it were set in 2019


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Can you believe that as of today Mean Girls is 15 years old?!  As one of the noughties' most iconic films, it continues to be quoted years after its inception but, unlike their lines, its characters' style choices haven't stood the test of time quite so convincingly.  

Illustration credit: Laura Hope

To celebrate one-and-a-half decades of fetch, burn books, heavy flows and wide-set vaginas, here is what we think Mean Girls would look like if it were set in 2019:

From a mouse, duh to Harley Quinn


Back in 2004, we were informed that hard-core girls wear lingerie and animal ears for Halloween and Cady - dressed as a realistic and modestly-clad corpse bride - finds that out for herself the hard way. In 2019, however, animal ears are so passé. It’s far more likely that Regina George and co would be found in the corner of a Halloween party donning crop tops emblazoned with “Daddy’s Little Monster” and dip-dyed bunches instead of fluffy ears.


Illustration credit: Laura Hope

T-shirt sabotage: from sliced to stitched 


Kanye West has taught us many things, and as an icon of a generation, he has inspired trends across the globe. In 2004, Regina George’s sabotaged, sliced up tank top had us all thinking that was her street cred down the pan, but no: the girl had so much authority that she actually launched a whole new trend.  

Now, however, in the days of Kanye West The Designer™ sliced open t-shirts in the name of fashion are the norm; instead, Regina would return to the locker room to be greeted by none other than a freshly sewn up tee.

Army pants and flip flops are out, cycling shorts and chunky trainers are in


Confirming Cady Heron’s rise to the ultimate high-school trendsetter, in a scene so iconic it was recreated for “thank u, next”, Bethany Byrd breaks the fourth wall to inform the camera that she saw Cady wearing army pants and flip flops and as a result invested in some herself. 

In 2019, though, this unexpected trouser/shoe combination would be supplanted by cycling shorts and chunky trainers.  Was it a trend we saw coming?  No. Is it one teenage girl across the country are wholeheartedly embracing? Sure is. 


Illustration credit: Laura Hope

His hair looks sexy in a man bun 


Aarons Samuels, the original noughties dreamboat. When Cady told him his hair looked sexy pushed back, 90s babies were sat in their living rooms nodding their heads violently in total agreement. 

But now, 15 years on, it’s going to take Aaron more than running his fingers back through his soft, shaggy locks to get hearts racing; instead, he’s going to have to invest in some hair elastics, watch a few YouTube tutorials, and master the man bun.


On Wednesdays we wear neon green


Pink is for millennials now, haven’t you heard? There’s no way spritely young high-schoolers would risk their reputations by wearing such a dowdy colour. Instead, on Wednesdays, the school cafeteria would be awash with that shade of neon green, and “on Wednesdays we wear pink” would be no more than a shameful reminder of the cringe trends that the teens of days gone by used to embrace. 


Illustration credit: Laura Hope

Tiny handbags... tinier handbags 


The LV print, the white leather, the accompanying baby blue tracksuit top… everything about Cady’s look in this scene screams the noughties. In 2019, given the prevalence of obscenely low-slung jeans and wedge flip flops, we tend to look back upon 2004’s fashion with embarrassment - but there’s one trend that’s only gained momentum: the tiny handbag. 

Jacquemus’ mini bags have stolen the hearts of the fash pack and we have no doubt that in 2019 they would be perched on Regina, Cady, Gretchen, and Karens' pinky fingers as they strut down the school corridor. 


Illustration credit: Laura Hope

With all that said and done, however, there's no denying that what makes Mean Girls so legendary is its portrayal of noughties teenhood in all its low-rise, pastel-hued glory. Jacquemus, Balenciaga and Gucci collections influenced the celebs and new trends entered the wardrobes in a heartbeat. Not sure we've given up on the flipflops yet, though. 

Illustration credit: Laura Hope

Lead illustration credit: Laura Hope

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