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Is cannabis the future of beauty?


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Cannabis, marijuana, kush, weed... whatever you call it, there's no denying that cannabis has been doing the rounds on social media. Although smoking the drug is still illegal in the UK, one thing that is legalised is CBD. 

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) is an oil derived from the flower part of the cannabis plant. Research suggests that it can reduce the appearance of acne, as well as calming redness and decreasing inflammation. It's also been said to help with period pains and lots of other ailments.

Image credit: Rick Proctor, via Unsplash

Recently there's been an explosion of CBD in the beauty world, with brands such as Milk Makeup creating lines of skincare and makeup infused with the super-ingredient.

Here is our rundown of the best CBD based products you can get your hands on now.

Milk Makeup

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The beauty world let out a collective shriek of joy when cult brand Milk Makeup announced that it was coming to the UK. They do everything beauty from face masks to mascara, but their real stand-out is their 'Kush' range.

They're one of the first makeup brands to incorporate hemp and CBD into their makeup products. Swapping beeswax for hemp means that by having cannabis in their products they're actually making sure that they are vegan. 

Hero product: Cannabis hydrating face mask, £21


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Cannuka combines both cannabis and manuka honey to make their products. They claim that this mix of ingredients is great for both soothing and healing the skin. 

Cannuka is also on a mission to legalise the use of cannabis, and they use 99.7% pure CBD (derived from hemp) in their products meaning that you're getting the good stuff!

Hero product: CBD nourishing body cream, $28 (roughly £21.50)


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The brilliantly named 'High' is a beauty brand powered by cannabis. They offer a variety of different skincare products, from moisturisers to facial oils. 

They also rave out the skin healing powers of cannabis, and judging by the testimonials of their customers - they could be right.

Hero product: Cannabis facial oil, $54 (roughly £42)


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You know a beauty trend is taking off when a brand as big as Kiehls jumps on board. Their cannabis-based facial oil is supposed to help calm redness and be great for inflammation and breakouts.

Hero product: Cannabis sativa oil herbal concentrate, £38

Now Kiehls is on board we can expect to see cannabis-based products popping up all over the high street. Instagram cult brand Herbivore has released a serum, and Cult Beauty has a whole CBD section!

Will you be trying out any of these products or do you think that cannabis is just another beauty fad?

Lead image credit: Rick Proctor, via Unsplash


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