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Review: Beauty Bay Gelee Glow Highlighter


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Along with the Fiery 16 colour palette that I reviewed last week, Beauty Bay sent along two of their Gelée Glow highlighters for me to put to the test.

Image Credit: Francesca Thompson-Smith

After how impressed I was at the palette, I was really eager to give these a go, albeit a bit sceptical. I am still yet to find a gel-based highlighter that doesn’t just slide off my face, removing my base in the process. I’m also still yet to find anyone else who has managed to apply one successfully, so I had pretty much given up trying until these showed up.

First impressions and swatches

Out of the six possible shades, I received Galaxy Glow, which is described as a 'deep rose gold', and Starlight Sparkle, a 'champagne' offering. I was probably more excited by Starlight Sparkle, as I usually opt for a gold-toned highlighter, but was still all for trying out a dusty pink hue with Galaxy Glow. The swatches certainly came out strong, promising a stunningly bright, blinding glow. However, the formula did seem rather thick and lumpy, so I was a bit concerned at how it would blend on my face. The product does feel quite oily, but the only way to find out is to get stuck in and try it out for real.

Image Credit: Francesca Thompson-Smith

The application process

The website recommends applying with a sponge or fingers, so I went with a Real Techniques Miracle Finish sponge, as this has always worked well in the past with highlighters. As I wanted to try out both colours, I decided to use Starlight Sparkle on my cheekbones and Galaxy Glow just underneath as more of a blusher. As I suspected, it did go on quite thick and patchy in places, so it took a lot of blending to get an even finish. However, the product did not slide off at all, and once it was all blended in, the result was impressive. I’ve also discovered that although a sponge is the best option for application, it helps to go over it with a brush afterwards to fully blend in any lumps.


Image Credit: Francesca Thompson-Smith

Final thoughts

Although the blending can take a while, it’s definitely worth it if you want that all-important blinding glow, especially for special events or nights out. The result is definitely brighter than I would go for in a day-to-day makeup look, so it’s unlikely I’ll be using it at a time where I’m in a hurry, meaning the extra blending time isn’t a huge issue for me. If you’re looking for an everyday go-to highlighter, this probably isn’t the one, but if what you’re wanting is a long-lasting, blinding, photo-ready highlight, I couldn’t recommend this enough. These highlighters retail for £6.50 each, which is amazing considering the amount of product you receive and the quality of them. 

Pigmentation: 5/5

Blend-Ability: 3/5

Longevity: 5/5

Overall: 4/5


You can buy Beauty Bay’s Gelée Glow Highlighters here.

Lead Image Credit: Francesca Thompson-Smith

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