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The Star Sign Style Stakes: our Aries style icons


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Given that those born under the Aries sign are known for being courageous, versatile, and adventurous, it’s no surprise that this was a tricky group of people to narrow down to one best dressed list. 

Image Credit: Disney | ABC Television Group, via Flickr

All of the following prove that being an Aries often means taken initiative and pushing boundaries, and that’s worked out pretty well when it comes to style inspiration:


Emma Watson 

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Following a rocky start (who can forget that head-to-toe green from the Philosopher’s Stone premiere?), Emma Watson has now consolidated herself as one of the 21st Century’s most influential fashion figures. Far from the drab school uniform that dominated her formative onscreen years, her crisp and elegant red carpet style now finds its way onto best dressed lists all over the internet.

Better yet, her recent collaboration with the Good On You shopping app also proves her sustainable style credentials, and that’s worth more than any couture gown.


Elton John  

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In short, we have Mr John to thank for sunglasses and jazzy jackets. He basically invented them. Before him, men who made a career sat at a piano tended to favour the classic black tux, but Elton John has shown us how even the most classical of pastimes needs to be shaken up every now and again. 


Elle Fanning 

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We don’t know what the Fanning parents fed their daughters as children but, seeing as Dakota was included in last month’s Pisces edition of this very list, it’s clear great dress sense is a family affair. 

Whether she’s donning some light-wash mom jeans and a casual tee when off duty or dressed up to the nines on the red carpet, Elle has developed a unique and often ethereal sense of style that provides a breath of pastel-hued fresh air wherever she may be. 


Lady Gaga 

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Where do we even begin?! Yes, there have been some questionable moments (cough meat dress cough), but when push comes to shove fashion needs to embrace uniqueness and whether its through heel-less high heels or a bubble dress, Lady Gaga has certainly done so. 

Recently, she’s pared down her red carpet looks and opted for more classic ball gowns, but whether it’s a mammoth train or some seriously exaggerated hips she always makes sure to keep a hint of the Gaga touch we know and love. See Gaga's style evolution here.


Saoirse Ronan 

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The fashion team at The National Student is essentially a Saoirse Ronan fan club and you can see why: can anyone wear a suit better than her?  Can anyone make as much of a claim to the colour pink as her?  The answer is a resounding “no” and you can’t change our mind.


Victoria Beckham

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Once a Spice Girl, now a globally-renowned designer: talk about a fashion development.  In her collections, Victoria Beckham has time and time again taken classic tailoring and slick, sharp shapes and injected them with modernity and fun. 

She understands that no matter how professional and successful a woman is, there’s still no reason why she can’t have a bit of fun with her clothes - and for that we’re truly thankful.


Billie Holiday 

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The 20th century was quite the time for fashion, but when it comes to glamour and tailoring there’s no one quite like Billie Holiday. Her penchant for a sweetheart neckline, a classy up-do, and a flower in her hair has made her look iconic. After all, when your voice is that dazzling your attire has no choice but to live up to it.  

Maisie Williams 

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The breakout fashion star of this past Paris Fashion Week had pink hair and a snake-print mini dress. No, she wasn’t a designer or a model, but an actress from Bristol. 

Maisie Williams has spent her teenage years in the spotlight thanks to her role as Arya Stark, and now a fully-fledged adult she has really found her fashion feet, imbuing everything she does with colour and quirk. 


David Oyelowo 

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Forget Joseph and his technicoloured dreamcoat, here at The National Student we’re more interested in David and his technicoloured selection of red carpet attire.  Not one to blend in with black, his ensembles have been burgundy, red, grey, ice blue, purple, green, plain, patterned, silk, velvet… you get the gist. 

Oyelowo is proving that red carpet fashion experiments aren’t a domain restricted to women and dresses, and we’re always excited to see what look he’s going to wear next. 


Join us next month for our selection of the best dressed Taureans, but if you can’t wait you can look here at what Aquarius and Pisces have to offer!


Lead image credits: Saoirse Ronan: Wikimedia Commons Elton John: Wikimedia Commons / David Oyelowo: Wikimedia Commons

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