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Secondhand steals: our best pre-loved buys


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Recent news that the used-fashion market is on track on reach a value of $64 billion in the US and overtake fast-fashion, which is estimated to reach $44 billion, may come as a surprise to consumers whose primary source of apparel is high street retailers.


However, no one knows the value of a second-hand bargain like The National Student’s contributors.  Here are some of our best pre-loved finds:


Brand new TU ankle boots, £6, Save the Children


Image credit: Caitlin Clark

“The best… the perfect boot.”


Wool blazer, £9, British Heart Foundation


Image credit: Charli Torode

“This could easily have cost me ten times this much had I bought it brand new…I feel so smug when I wear it!”


Bella Freud jumper, £12, eBay


Image credit: Ruby Naldrett

“I don’t think [the seller] realised how much they’re worth!”


Oversized shirt and silk scarf, £15 per kilo, vintage kilo sale


Image credit: Carly McMillan

“Vintage kilo sales > Missguided any day.”

Checked shirt, £1, charity shop


 Image credit: Caitlin Clark

“My fave checked shirt!”

UNIF trousers, £45, Depop

Image credit: Charity Swales

“They don’t stock UNIF in the UK and their RRP is over $90!”


Vintage denim jacket, €5, French flea market

 Image credit: Eve Willis

“I’ve had it for eight years now and the quality is so much better than anything I’ve ever seen in high street shops… my fave piece in my wardrobe!”


Yellow cable jumper, £4.50, charity shop

Image credit: Caitlin Clark 

“My latest purchase.”


Vintage jacket, $15, American thrift shop

 Image credit: Daniella Theis

Faux fur coat, £15, vintage fair

 Image credit: Francesca Thompson-Smith

“It’s literally the cosiest thing ever!”


Paisley windbreaker, £18, vintage shop


Image credit: Charli Torode / University of Bristol Fashion Federation

“The perfect spring jacket!”


M&S polka dot shirt, £2, charity shop


Image credit: Caitlin Clark

“I’ve worn this so much in the office and at interviews.”


Faux leather mini skirt, £4, eBay


Image credit: Charli Torode

“My go-to in the winter; I dressed it up for parties with heels and wore it casually with DMs and jumpers.”


Strapless maxi dress, £15 per kilo, vitage kilo sale


Image credit: Carly McMillan

“It’s my pride and joy.”


As you can see, the second-hand clothing market is bursting at the seams (no pun intended) with treasures waiting for a new wardrobe to call home; next time you’re on the hunt for something, definitely consider checking out your local charity shop or getting online before you buy something brand new. Often, you can get something of much better quality for much less money! It’s a win-win situation, really.   

Lead image credit: PurPura on Pixabay

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