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Are Crocs making a comeback?


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She's the effortlessly stylish star of New Girl and 500 Days of Summer, who rarely strays from the best dressed pages of high fashion magazines. So when Zooey Deschanel, posted about her new collaboration with Crocs you'd be forgiven for thinking it was an April Fools prank (it wasn't).

Deschanel, alongside Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer and a host of others, are the face of Crocs' new 'Come As You Are' campaign.

Image Credit: Kou Art, via Flickr

The somewhat notorious comfy plastic clogs have been a fashion don't for years, after they had a brief moment of fame in the mid 2000s. They have been in the background ever since, a favourite shoe of your grandad, who teams them with socks, and your gardening-loving next door neighbour.

They've been sneaking back into style, however, with Balenciaga unveiling their own platform version back in 2017 - and they've also collaborated with the likes of Drew Barrymore and Post Malone in the past. The whole ethos behind their new campaign is mixing comfort with style. Anyone who has worn Crocs in the past (come on, own up...) will know that they are the shoe equivalent of walking on clouds, so would it really be that bad if they made a comeback?

Terence Reilly, Chief Marketing Officer at Crocs, says: “Crocs is making a bold declaration that you can have both style and comfort no matter who you are or where your life takes you.”

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In the campaign, Deschanel wears the classic Crocs with her beloved dungarees - and the look wouldn't actually be out of place in Jess Day's wardrobe. The cutesy-kitsch look of the styling is actually much less bizarre than initally thought, it actually kind of works.

So will we be seeing a return of Crocs of the red carpet? The jury is still out - however if Zooey Deschanel has got anything to do with it, we'll all be coming as we are and rocking a pair of our own.

Watch the Crocs 'Come As You Are' campaign here:

Lead image credit: Rupert Ganzer, via Flickr

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