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Red Nose Day gave us the fashion moment of 2019 we never could have expected


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I’m not sure what I was expecting when I tuned in to Comic Relief on Friday night - the cast of Eastenders doing a song and dance number?  Lenny Henry in a jazzy jacket?  David Beckham gazing into the camera and saying “thank you”?  Certainly not Lily James and Alicia Vikander - in the roles of Miranda and Faith, respectively - getting married and blessing us with the fashion moment of 2019 thus far, if not of all time.


Image credit: Comic Relief

Regardless of my expectations, however, here we are. Twitter went wild as two of cinema’s most recognisable stars of the moment said “I do”, and here in The National Student’s fashion team we’re still reeling over the major looks that were served.  Let us tell you why:


One wedding, two timeless hairstyles


There are two types of people in this world: those that love a tousled, I-woke-up-like-this set of locks and those that are more partial to a sleekly sprayed up-do. Well, Miranda and Faith proved that whichever side you take there’s no wrong answer. Both styles will stand the test of time, so when Hugh Grant’s, I mean Charles', grandchildren are looking through the family photo album at pictures of their mums’ wedding there’ll be no need to submit any pictures to Awkward Family Photos. Instead, they can take pride of place on the mantelpiece forever. 


A brush stroke of genius


Remember the days when brides were blushing? Not anymore; now they turn up to the church rocking a statement red lip (after all, it was Red Nose Day). The audacity!  With barely-there eye makeup, a slick hairstyle, and a sleek tux, Faith's deep red lip adds unconventional but ingenious glamour to her wedding day ensemble. 


Miranda's earrings!


Fully embracing the ethereal, romantic bride, Miranda's whole look couldn’t be more opposed to her fiancée's with her loose waves, fly-aways, delicate flowers, and rosy makeup. The icing on her sartorial wedding cake, however, has to be the earrings which provide a subtle but beautiful statement in an otherwise rather low-key bridal ensemble. 

Their rustic aesthetic is kept wedding-appropriate by the fact they’re, you know, pearls - and given pearls’ proximity to the sea they also remind us of James’ starring role in Mamma Mia 2 which is something we can always get on board with. 


Matching ruffles *heart clutch*


Matching corsages is so prom 2018; now it’s all about matching ruffles. The two brides’ wedding-day ensembles seem completely contrasting at first glance, but on closer inspection there’s one detail that coordinates them: ruffles. Whilst Miranda is decked out in them from head to toe, nestled underneath her jacket Faith's shirt can be seen to be made of the same - or at least a very similar - fabric. We could find a profound moral lesson in this - that even two things that at first seem vastly different can find common ground - or we could just take it for what it is: really really good costuming.


The Mother of the Bride


Image credit: Comic Relief

Back in her signature colour, Fiona - played by Kristin Scott Thomas - once again broke every wedding fashion rule when she turned up to her own daughter’s wedding in head-to-toe black. After 25 years, Thomas' reprisal of the role of Fiona was never going to be a lackadaisical affair, but we can still only marvel at her unflinching commitment to carrying out such an audacious sartorial statement. 

In all seriousness, though, the tulle gives us Molly Goddard vibes which we're so here for, the golden brooch provides a lesson in understated but eye-catching accessorising, and the red lip to coordinate with her daughter is the kind of thoughtful touch that would only ever happen in Richard Curtis’ cinematic world.  And that hat - well, it speaks for itself. 

Watch One Red Nose Day and a Wedding on BBC IPlayer here, or check out the (spoiler-free!) snippet below. 

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