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An ode to Villanelle: 2018's most surprising style icon


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It’s Jodie Comer’s birthday and, although I’ll probably never get over how utterly robbed she was of an Emmy nomination, I’m hoping I can do her some justice by proving to you how the character she brought to life - the one and only Villanelle - has changed fashion forever. 


Who would’ve thought it, eh? A coldblooded professional assassin with a talent for accents becoming a style icon. The world works in funny ways, but if you’re still unconvinced let me show you why if there’s any trend you should be following this coming year, it’s the one Villanelle is initiating.


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She is single-handedly responsible for that Molly Goddard moment


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Was any fashion moment on television in 2018 more iconic than Villanelle standing in the centre of Paris dressed in a huge pink tulle dress by Molly Goddard and tough black biker boots by Balenciaga? Honestly, no. It can’t be a coincidence that in the UK, according to Google Trends, the term “Molly Goddard” experienced a huge spike in searches on September 16th, the day immediately after Killing Eve first aired here.

Equally as notable is that one of the topics most commonly searched alongside Molly Goddard is “Jodie Comer”, and one of the most related queries is “pink dress”. Suddenly, Villanelle is seeming pretty damn influential, an assumption further proven by the sheer volume of pink tulle dresses that found their way to the Oscars red carpet. 



She wears an eye-catching Dries Van Noten suit a) to a nightclub and b) to stab someone

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Villanelle is really no different to your average girl; when there’s a special occasion, she likes to rock an outfit that lives up to it. The only difference is that for us said occasion may be our friend’s birthday party, whereas for Villanelle it just so happens to revolve around killing your arch nemesis’ colleague in the middle of a Berlin nightclub. Aside from the fact this Dries Van Noten suit is fabulous in its own right (the brocade detailing, the metallic sheen, the tailoring!), when it comes to fashion nothing is more admirable than unabridged confidence and nothing screams “self-assured” like wearing one of the most conspicuous outfits to commit one of the most punishable crimes.


She wears fluted sleeves and a pussy bow to go on yet another killing spree

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Jodie Comer’s perfectly timed facial expressions add a comedic element to Killing Eve that is only heightened when we think in greater depth about the wardrobe choices that accompany said expression. In Tuscany, Villanelle is back again with the tough boots and dainty top (by Chloé, no less) and we can’t help but admire someone who knows damn well that today’s agenda may involve a lot of blood and yet still opts for thigh-grazing Daisy Dukes and a floaty blouse in one of the most difficult fabrics to wash: chiffon. 


She takes an undercover staple and makes it fashion


Forget the weird plastic frames attached to a moustache that we’ve been led to believe are the go-to uniform of any undercover spy/assassin/agent; as we’ve now established, Villanelle is never one to let business get in the way of pleasure and her choice of facial concealment is no exception. These sunglasses wouldn’t look out of place at an exclusive resort in the south of France, but obviously Villanelle sees a quiet afternoon of sinister stalking as the perfect opportunity to give them the public presentation they deserve.


She knows a classic when she sees one



Yes, pink tulle is great. Of course, who wouldn’t want a metallic brocade power suit?  But, whilst we celebrate her slightly quirkier choices, let’s not forget that when all is said and done Villanelle knows her way around the classics - as demonstrated by this rose pink trench coat. With the open collar, double-breasted fastening, and cinched in waist this timeless piece makes even the neon plastic carrier bag Villanelle’s clutching look chic.  What a skill.

This piece, let’s not forget, is to celebrate Jodie Comer- without whom the Villanelle we know (and, weirdly, kinda love) wouldn’t exist.  Because it’s not just what Villanelle wears, it’s how she wears it: unapologetically and confidently.  Whether she’s sitting on a sofa at home or standing in the centre of Paris, Jodie Comer has injected Villanelle with the nuance and subtlety so intrinsic to allowing a figure to leave the realm of mere clothes horse and become a style icon.

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