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Why getting a fringe will be the best beauty decision you make this year


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High maintenance? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely…



Often fringes are a risky decision and if you don’t know exactly what you want or what to ask for, they can turn out looking downright unflattering. There are more styles than you can imagine, from short and blunt to long and wispy, but once you figure out what suits your face shape, they can make for a huge transformation. Glamour has a great guide, giving you all the inspo you need.

Once you’ve done your research, it’s important to make sure your hairdresser knows exactly what you’re going for, so be prepared with a few pictures saved on your phone - communication is key for a successful salon trip! Now you’re set for your fringe transformation, here are five reasons why you absolutely will not regret it!



1 - Ponytails and topknots look way cuter

Fringes are the perfect way to frame your face when the rest of your hair is tied up, and are guaranteed to make a simple up-do look a little more ‘done’. This is especially great if you’re in a rush - just throw the rest of your hair up and all you have to worry about is styling the front.


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2 - Eyebrows require much less preening when they’re hidden

Ok this is probably the laziest reason of them all and only really works for thicker and fuller fringes, but it’s such a bonus. There’s something about filling in brows that’s such a chore, and not having to worry about them going perfect every single morning is an actual dream. On the other hand, if your brows are an integral part of your look, a short fringe could be just the secret weapon you need to draw attention to them!



3 - They make you look younger

Whether this is a pro or con depends on your preferences. It can be irritating (I had pretty much got to an age where I had stopped getting ID checked in bars until I got a fringe), but having an instant anti-ageing hack to rely on can’t be a bad thing, right?

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4 - They’re so versatile

Depending on what style and length you go for, fringes can be pushed all to the front, curled under, swept to the side or parted to create a cute retro vibe. They can also be easily pinned back or to the side if you’re just not feeling it that day.


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5- They’re much easier to grow out than a complete crop

We’ve all been there - you get the urge to go for a cute short cut and it’s fun for about a week until you’re pining for your long lost locks. Fringes are a great way to change it up without having to dedicate months, or even years, to growing back all of your hair.


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