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Mother of Pearl SS19: fashioning our future the sustainable way


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If you needed any more proof that the clothes we wear can be ethical and fashionable at the same time, look no further than Mother of Pearl.Based in East London and designed by creative director Amy Powney, the brand’s SS19 collection is inspired by- and named after- none other than Vivian Ward.


The collection

Vivian’s presence is perhaps most noticeable in the clashing polkas and floral prints reminiscent of her meanderings down Rodeo Drive, whilst the drape and pleat details throughout the collection create a look that is equal parts fluid and structured. Couture and leisure blend seamlessly in the silk quilted swimming hats adorned with oversized bows creating a look that is as flirty and playful as it is timeless and classic, just like Vivian herself.

Image courtesy of Faye Richards / Mother of Pearl

The presentation

More important, though, than the aesthetic of Mother of Pearl’s collection are the ethics behind it; its presentation was a circular event and everything was rented to minimise the amount of waste produced. During what could be described as the fashion industry’s most wasteful time of year, this is no mean feat; whilst other designers are emphasising seasonality and fleeting trends, Mother of Pearl demonstrates that high fashion need not equate to overindulgence and excess.


Image courtesy of Faye Richards / Mother of Pearl

The presentation also provided one of the most light-hearted moments in the often imposing affair that is London Fashion Week: 300,000 (rented) pearl balls were placed in Fitzrovia Chapel to create the most fashionable and thought-provoking ball pit ever. In addition to providing a fun diversion from the front row, its main purpose was to highlight the abundant microplastics that find their way to the ocean every day when we wash synthetic fibres.  Mother of Pearl, unsurprisingly then, focusses on natural fibres and will donate 10% of their February sales to a charity that helps to clean up the oceans.


Image courtesy of Faye Richards / Mother of Pearl

The collab

As if the above wasn’t enough to prove Mother of Pearl’s eco credentials, the brand has also collaborated with BBC Earth and BBC Studio’s Natural History Unit to produce a short film that highlights the environmental issues caused by the fashion industry - as well as the solutions. They have also produced a capsule collection which emphasises the importance of employing a supply chain that doesn’t destroy habitats or pollute water supplies by using organic peace silk and sustainable dye and printing solutions.  This collection will be available exclusively on in June.


Image courtesy of Faye Richards / Mother of Pearl

We love a brand that is as committed to their eco credentials as they are their style ones, so we really encourage you to follow Mother of Pearl on their ethical fashion journey.  For more sustainable fashion brands, check out our Behind the Brand series where we meet a few of the pioneers of sustainable fashion here.

Lead image courtesy of Faye Richards / Mother of Pearl

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