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The Star Sign Style Stakes: our Pisces fashion icons


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It turns out the most romantic of the zodiac signs isn’t just in touch with its emotions, but also with its sense of style. Perhaps some of the most iconic fashion figures of all time fall under the Pisces sign; everyone from classic pinups to rock stars to millennial muses. Here are a few of our faves:



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For the icon that blessed us with Fenty, where do we even begin?  From that risqué skirted leather number in the ‘Umbrella’ video to her more celestial embellished 2018 Met Gala ensemble, she’s proven time and time again that there is nothing she can’t pull off.  Thigh-high Ugg boots?  Duh. Layers and layers of candyfloss pink tulle?  Obviously.  Full-body crystal morph suit?  We’d expect nothing less. 


Camila Cabello


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Just when we thought Camila Cabello couldn’t get any more fabulous, she arrived at the Grammys in head (well, neck) to toe pink sequins.  Whether she’s gazing sultrily into a camera lens or snuggling up to her dog, our girl clearly knows her way around a wardrobe.  After all, who else could accessorize a mouse onesie with milk and cookies and make it look like a legit editorial spread?


Simone Biles


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Forget athleisure, Simone Biles makes hard-core athleticism look more glamorous than ever before. With their bright colours, ombré bodices, and blinged-out sleeves her leotards would be just as at home on the runway as they look on the beam.


Brooklyn Beckham


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I mean, if Victoria Beckham is your mum and David Beckham is your dad it would be quite hard not to develop some interest in the fashion industry. In recent years, Brooklyn Beckham has become something of a Gen Z icon and it’s clear to see why; his partiality towards crisp t-shirts, oversized jackets, and well-loved trainers is a look that’s easy and convenient to emulate, be you hopping from fashion show to fashion show or seminar to seminar.


Glenn Close

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Say it one more time for the people at the back: fashion. has. no. age. limit.  In a world that pounces at the first potential attack of the wrinkles, we need more of Glenn Close and her refusal to be anything less than a true fashion icon.  Bring on the next red carpet, because we can’t wait to see what power suit she rocks next.


Sophie Turner


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Yes she’s iconic as Sansa Stark, but Sophie Turner doesn’t necessarily need to be in character to catch our attention (although her Halloween costume with fiancé Joe was pretty memorable).  Her red carpet looks are always formal with an edgy, urban spin, and she may just be the only girl in the world who can turn a tiled toilet cubicle into a legit fashion statement.


Elizabeth Taylor



It’s pretty hard not to think of Elizabeth Taylor when we think of classic Hollywood icons.  With never a hair out of place and eyebrows to rival even the most dedicated of scousers, hers is a face many can picture at a second’s notice. She was also the first ever celebrity to have her own fragrance collection, and if that doesn’t scream trend-setter I don’t know what does.


Dakota Fanning


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Last but definitely not least we have Dakota Fanning, the actress who has grown from child star to style icon before our eyes.  When it comes to the red carpet, she tends to opt for a natural makeup look - which lets her dresses do the talking, and boy do they have a lot to say. Whether it’s a simple scarlet number or a full-on princess gown, we can’t think of anyone better qualified to pull off plaid on the red carpet.


If you’re after more style inspiration, check out our roundup of the best-dressed Aquarians, and be sure to come back next month to see what Aries has to offer!

Lead image credit: Byarturo via Wikimedia Commons

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