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6 high street holy grails under £10


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Often when we see the phrase ‘Holy Grail’ it’s usually describing a go-to, foolproof, unbeatable beauty fave that we’re super excited to try out… until we see the price tag.

Of course, Estee Lauder’s Double Wear and NARS’ Climax Mascara are unbeatable when you’ve got cash to splash, but after all, we are students and we need some go-tos for when our student loan starts to dwindle. Even compared to their high-end competitors, there are some high street gems that are just unbeatable. So if you’re in need of a beauty spree that doesn’t break the bank, here are some products you can’t miss out on…



1. NYX Suede Matte Lipstick - £8

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Full disclosure: it’s a challenge for me to write budget friendly articles and not hype up NYX all the way through. It’s so rare that they come out with something I don’t love and they’re so affordable, so they’re my go-to for almost everything when I need makeup that’s purse-friendly.

However, for the purpose of keeping this list varied, I restricted myself to one product - the Suede Matte Lipstick. I’ve always struggled to find lipsticks that stay on for more than ten minutes and even high-end lippies often don’t make the cut. However, you can easily get a good four or five hours out of these babies and they’re really comfortable to wear. 

2. Barry M Colour Correcting Wands - £4.49

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I know a lot of you probably haven’t touched Barry M since Year 10, but you’re missing out if you discount them completely. They have some really decent, affordable products that are often also vegan! A great example is their green colour correcting wand which combats redness for less than a fiver. I’ll be honest, I’ve never used a high-end colour corrector but I’ve never really seen the need to when a product as cheap as this covers redness completely! The wands also come in shades that aim to reduce dark circles and brighten the skin.

3. Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns - £4

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How Revolution manages to make such pigmented shades for so cheap is a complete mystery. £4 for a whole palette? Not just a single colour but a whole 12-shade palette?! Madness. Of course, the palette isn’t perfect as there is a lot of fallout when applying, but if you do your eye makeup before your foundation (I know, for some of you it’s practically a sin) you can still get a really stunning, well-blended eyeshadow look. The range of bright colours in the palette gives you a chance to get really creative with your looks too!

4. Eylure Texture 117 Lashes  - £5.40

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It’s honestly shocking how much some brands charge for strip lashes - something that small and easy to lose should not be breaking the bank. You’re charging £30 per pair and they still only last a few weeks? No thanks. Eylure are unbeatable with their range of full, half and quarter length lashes all ranging between £5-£10 deepening on the style. My go-to has always been #117 as they’re wispy and fluttery without being too heavy or uncomfortable, but what suits you will obviously depend on your face shape and style.

5. Mark Hill Miracoilicious 2 Minute Mask - £7.49

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I know this might seem pricey for a hair mask, but a little does go a long way with this product and the tub should last you a while - plus Boots often has it on sale if you keep an eye out! Although it does show the promised results after two minutes, you can leave the mask on as long as you like. So if your hair is really in need of a thorough treatment you can get some serious shine after an hour, or even overnight if you’re dedicated and have a comfy enough shower cap!

6. Garnier Moisture Bomb Lavender Hydrating Sheet Mask - £2.99

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Stressful day at uni? Sheet mask. Boy trouble? Sheet mask. Girls night in? Incomplete without the all-important sheet masks! There are hundreds on the market but I’m yet to find one that beats Garnier’s Moisture Bomb range and they're far from the most expensive. The lavender edition promises to de-tire and hydrate the skin - exactly what you need and deserve after an all-night library session slaving away over uni work.


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