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Rejuvenation Month: Hair repair edition


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January is here and party season is now well and truly over. Hopefully your festive period has been one filled with good times and magical memories, but it’s now time to hang up our glitziest party dresses and face up to the inevitable pressure we’ve put our bodies under.

As part of Rejuvenation Month, here’s the ultimate hair repair guide guaranteed to restore your hair back to its glossy, healthy self after a month of heat products and hairspray.

Image Credit: StockSnap on Pixabay

It's Treatment Time

The obvious instant fix is conditioning treatments. Stock up on some of your favourite hair masks and treat yourself to a much-needed weekly deep conditioning (while you’re at it you may as well give one of these sheet masks a whirl). Some of my personal favs include Hask Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner Sachets (£3), which is an absolute miracle worker for damaged hair (take it from someone who’s had bleached highlights for years, I know damage!). Or if you’re really in the mood to treat yourself, Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer (£18.50) is an amazing solution for any long term damage you may have and will leave your hair stronger and healthier than ever (the bottles last ages so you do get a lot for the price!).

Banish Those Bad Habits

Of course, taking a break from heat styling and colouring will avoid any further damage and give your hair time to repair itself. However, there are a few other bad habits that you may not realise are causing your tresses damage. Tying your hair into high ponytails or buns too often can cause breakage, especially in bed. If you absolutely have to have your hair up, try opting for looser up-dos and avoid tying it up whilst sleeping altogether.


Another damaging habit you may not have realised you even have is towel drying. Your hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet, so roughly drying it with a towel is a huge no-no. Try to make a conscious effort to be gentle when towel drying, and avoid tying the towel on your head too tightly after you step out of the shower as it can have a similar effect to tight ponytails.


It’s also worth noting that dry shampoo usually requires more than one wash to fully get out, so if you find yourself reaching for it every few days (we’ve all been there) you could find a build up is causing your hair to look dull and greasy.

But if all else fails...

Of course, if you really feel like your hair needs a complete thorough refresh and you're feeling really daring, there’s nothing stopping you from going for a total restyle. The new year is a perfect opportunity to rock a new look and a cute shorter ‘do is the best way to truly say goodbye to damage. 


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