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8 inspiring Instagram accounts you need to follow in 2019


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It's one of the most popular apps in existence, and everyone from your grandma to Barack Obama has an account. With millions of people posting pictures every day where better to turn to for inspiration than Instagram?

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From activists to models to best-selling authors, it's not just run of the mill Kylie Jenner look-a-likes who are insta-famous these days. Million of accounts means that curating your feed can be a minefield, luckily for you we've selected ten of the very best women to follow on the social media giant.  

1. Leomie Anderson (@leomieanderson)

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British model and activist Leomie Anderson had quite the 2018. Not only did she walk the runway at the iconic annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Anderson also launched her own line of sportswear - Lapp. Lapp is a brand with a backbone, launched alongside an eponymous blog, and it supports a range of issues - from racial inclusivity to intersectional feminism.

These values are incredibly important to Anderson, who uses her platform to raise awareness of different issues within the fashion industry - she was one of the first models to speak up about the Kendall Jenner controversy.

It's not all things serious on Anderson's Instagram, however - she has a great sense of style and is often posting outfit of the day snaps. In terms of her look, she's a huge fan of the neon colour palette and a great person to follow for a mix of style, backstage pics and outspoken opinions. 


2. Paola Mathé (@findingpaola)

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Haitian born Paola Mathé is a blogger, writer and entrepreneur. Mathé's Instagram account is a haven of all things brightly coloured and aesthetically to-die-for. Heavily inspired by art, Mathé's style is a wash of jewel tones, luxe fabrics and classic shapes mixed with contemporary accessories. She's all for trying new things, and her style far from fits into one box which makes her a perfect account to follow for fashion inspiration when you're in a rut.

Mathé is often seen wearing a headwrap in an array of different styles, and the love from her followers prompted her to launch her own collection of headwraps, jewellery and clothing called Fanm Djanm.


3. Charli Howard (@charlihoward)

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After she was sacked from her modelling agency because of her weight, model Charli Howard wrote an open letter  that went viral. This led to her getting a book deal, and her memoir Misfit follows her life from young girl lost in the wayward industry to the strong body positive activist she is today.

When Charli isn't writing (she's also written and published a children's book) she's posting enviable looks of the day to her Instagram account. Her outfit choices are classic, favouring 1950s silhouettes teamed with more contemporary accessories modern-day. Like Marilyn Monroe, if the latter wrote brilliant books and had Instagram.


4. Grace Victory (@gracefvictory)

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Youtuber, blogger, authour and former National Student cover star Grace Victory is not your average Instagrammer. Victory says a giant 'f you' to social norms, and speaks out about taboo issues from body positivity to periods - even posting a picture of her period which resulted in her losing thousands of followers... but in true Grace Victory fashion, she couldn't care less.

The self-proclaimed 'internet's big sister' published her own book back in 2017. 2018 was just a big - she became one of the new faces of Vauxhall, in a campaign that set to redefine the supermodel. Her style is bright and exciting just like her personality, and following her is a sure way to brighten up your feed.   

5. Florence Given (@florencegiven)

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At just 20 years old, Florence Given is the youngest person on our list - but far from the least accomplished. Not only has she got a fantastic, eclectic sense of personal style that'll leave you desperate for a pair of leopard print platform heels, she's also seriously talented.

Florence is an artist creating feminist works, detailing the female body alongside tongue-in-cheek girl power slogans. She grew to prominence after starting a petition against the controversial Netflix show, Insatiable, calling it fat-shaming and problematic. Not only does she fight back against fat-shaming, she also used her platform to speak out against discrimination and racism, her artwork has been featured in publications such as Oh Comely, and she has written for The Huffington Post.

6. Munroe Bergdorf (@muroebergdorf)

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Model Munroe Bergdorf came to prominence after she was embroiled in a racial row which saw her dropped as the face of L’Oréal. This far from affected her career, and she’s since become a vocal campaigner for women’s rights. As a trans woman herself, she is also very open about the importance of trans rights and intersectional feminism.

Her style is experimental, and she likes to clash prints and textures, so she’s a great person to follow if you’re wanting to add some more colour and excitement into your wardrobe this year but aren’t quite sure how to go about it.

7. Sophie Milner (@reallifesophie)

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Real Life Sophie is the secondary account for Sophie Milner, showing the behind the scenes of her uber chic fashion blogger account - Fashion Slave. She started off as a journalist after graduating with a journalism degree from Cardiff uni, before starting her blog as a style diary to document her looks. She also hosts a really funny and brilliant podcast, Keeping it Candid, alongside Millie Cotton.

Whilst her main account is a go-to for all things fashion inspiration, Real Life Sophie brings a refreshing look into the life of a blogger. A lot of time on Instagram can be spent comparing yourselves to other people, but what Sophie does is show you that even blogger don't look great 24/7. 

8. Ella Grace Denton (@ellagracedenton)

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Ella Grace Denton is a blogger and YouTuber who's committed to making the world a better place. Her feed is full of inspiring content, including her beautiful wardrobe, which is made up of vintage, recycled and sustainable pieces. When she's not in London, she's travelling the world, in white linen and dungarees.

She co-founded Stories Behind Things, which helps consumers to make more ethical clothing choices by hosting events such as pop-up shops and clothing swaps, where shoppers can learn the stories behind what they are wearing. She has also collaborated with jewellery brand Made, which hand makes it's products in Kenya - designing a stunning range of jewellery.

These are just a handful of inspiring women to follow on Instagram, but the social media platform is full of people who are making the fashion world a better and more interesting place. In 2019, follow people who make you feel good about yourself rather than desperately trying to compare yourself to people who convey a perfect life on the 'gram. Whilst it's good to get inspired through social media, don't let it take over your life - and remember to put yourself first.

Lead Image - Lisa Fotios on Pexels

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