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My 2018 Fashion Icon: Stacey Dooley


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Stacey Dooley really made a name for herself in the fashion industry this year when her documentary Fashion's Dirty Secrets aired and plunged the nation into moral turmoil regarding their go-to fashion spots.  

That said, her contribution hasn't been all doom and gloom - off the Strictly Come Dancing stage, her 2018 wardrobe has been equal parts chilled, unpretentious, chic and stylish, making her my 2018 style icon.  

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Here are a few of her best looks:

1. Mules and maxis 

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@baserange @wolfandgypsyvintage A post shared by Stacey Dooley (@sjdooley) on

Loafers can be tricky to style as a young person given their popularity among the, shall we say, less young generation; after all, there is a very fine line between urban chic and Grandma's feet. Nevertheless, these slip on mules look nothing but fresh when paired with a black maxi dress, tousled low bun, and statement gold jewellery.

2. Autumn vibes

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Sick note returns

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If someone told me they were going to wear a casual jumpsuit, smart leather mules, a tailored duster coat and an upturned bum bag I'd probably internally question their chocies a bit, but because it's Stacey Dooley of course this combination seems like the most obvious, on-trend choice ever.  Bonus points for coordinating so well with the brickwork. 

3. Sweatshirts and stilettos 

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@tidystreetstore @vanessabrunoparis @rachelcomey

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To continue the terracotta theme is this evening ensemble. The messy hair and casual sweatshirt combined with the smart leather skirt and unique heels is the ideal look for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle and often finds themselves going straight from day-to-night.  Also, the combiantion of two such different styles in one outfit is the perfect solution to the age-old fear of being over or underdressed.  

4. London calling

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When they actually really help you out with that gram snap  ...

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London is a bustling city, but it's also one of the fashion capitals of the world - a combo that can make dressing appropriately rather tricky. On the one hand, you want to be comfy and ready to face whatever the day throws at you. On the other, when in the place that gave us Mary Quant and Alexander McQueen it's only natural to want to flex your sartorial muscles.  

Once again, Stacey nails it by pairing a simple white tee and wide-legged trousers with some interesting and on-trend chunky sandals and her trademark red locks.  

5. Feel the Bern

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A post shared by Stacey Dooley (@sjdooley) on

Stacey's dog Bernie is a regular and much-loved feature on her Instagram account, and this outfit is worthy of just as much appreciation. The 60s-esque white sunglasses jazz up the camel coat that has been donned by pretty much every fashion blogger on the 'gram, and the boyfriend-cut jeans and sophisticated roll-neck sweater add a certain amount of luxe to the simple dog walk.

6. Bootie-licious 

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Two days........

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In an outfit that truly celebrates buying less but buying well, the addition of these heeled black booties to the aforementioned leather skirt and sweat combo proves how easy it can be to let our outfits transition through the seasons.  The monochrome takeaway coffee cup also adds a certain professional-with-her-life-together vibe to the look.

7. The little black jumpsuit

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@raeyofficial  @jaredkwright bro

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Party season with all its sparkly frocks and vertiginous heels doesn't always seem like the most welcoming time of the year for those who prefer to keep things a bit more laidback, but this jumpsuit/heeled ankle boot ensemble proves that you don't have to sparkle from head-to-toe to get that celebratory glow about you.

8. Once, twice, three times an outfit 

It's one thing to warn the UK about the dark side of fast fashion on TV, but it's another to practice what you preach - and these second-hand Levi jeans and much-loved white roll-neck jumper are exactly the kind of preaching we need to prove that sustainable fashion can still be, well, fashionable.

9. Comfort over equals style

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Firstly, shout-out to whoever took this truly candid shot; your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Secondly, as someone who always felt that uncomfortable skinny jeans were the only way to look smart and chic in the city, these casual jersey trousers dressed up with a tailored coat and stylish sunglasses prove that comfort never has to sacrificed in the name of style.

10. Mini dress, big look

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Forget wedding guest, this look is so great I want to get married in a bodycon mini dress, dark sunnies, and statement hoop earrings. It's like Baby Spice and Twiggy morphed into one sartorial superhuman just to make the point that summer weddings do not require floral prints and shed-loads of chiffon.

So there we have it - my fashion icon of 2018.  And perhaps what makes Stacey's looks even better is that they're not a distant dream we can only aspire to; given the sheer volume of vintage finds and versatile transitional pieces, they're super achievable on a student budget.

For more 2018 fashion nostalgia, check out Fashion Editor Ruby's edit of her icon Saoirse Ronan here.  

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