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Freshers Week Fashion: The Glitter Fest


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It’s hard to find a freshers week line up this year that doesn’t include a glitter fest of some variety. Glitter has been all the rage over summer during festival season, so now is the perfect time to use up any you have laying spare.

The dreamy thing about glitter is that you can never have too much or to little. Want to play it safe with glitter liner? Go for it, babe. Want to look like a human glitter ball? Phenomenal. Thankfully, there's no written rules when it comes to glitter, so you can go as striking or sublte as you like. 

The Outfit 

For those of you who want to go all out, a glitter based outfit is the first step to achieving glitter ball success. It will also save you from trying to wash glitter out of your favourite clothes, as you’ll inevitably be covered by the end of the night.

Glitter tights allow for a little extra protection from the autumnal winds you’ll be queuing in and are also a subtle nod to the theme. 

Gipsy Glitter Fishnet Tights, £5.50

These super cute fishnets are ideal for dolling up a simple outfit and can be worn on regular nights out for a little bit of extra glam.

There’s a tonne of glittery dresses on the high street at the moment, many taking inspo from the ultimate party girl, Paris Hilton’s ICONIC 2002 chainmail dress. Recently reprised by Kendall Jenner, they’re nothing short of show-stopping. 

Sequin Chain Choker Mini Dress, £40

Pretty Little Thing’s take on the dress is available in three equally gorgeous shades of sequin, all guaranteed to dazzle under the club lights. 

The Shoes

With all good glitterfests, it’s safe to expect some form of sparkly cannon showering you in cosmic particles. While this is amazing, it can also wreak havoc on your footwear. Due to all the grooves and deep seams, you’d be lucky to ever have a glitter-free pair of shoes again - so if you can’t beat ‘em, join em.

Call It Spring Arminel Glitter Trainers, £30

Cute enough to wear on the regular as well as on your night out, the trainers are perfect for the glitter conscious fresher. You’ll soon learn that heels are just for pre-drinks pictures and that a night out in flats is the best thing to ever happen to you, so they’ll be a worthwhile investment. 

Alternatively, if you have a pair of heels that need a bit of a refresh, PVA the heel and douse in glitter. DIY, but guaranteed to be a statement heel for months to come.

The Makeup

Loose glitter is perfect for sharing around your flat and making everlasting glitter bonds - god knows you’ll still be covered in specks well into the first term. There’s tonnes available on the high street, from craft glitter to biodegradable options dependant on your budget and desired look.

NYX Professional Makeup Metallic Glitter, £6

NYX do fantastic glitter pots, available in a variety of shades. Their metallic glitters are holographic and perfect for reflecting the bright lights of a club. Team with their glitter primer for the ultimate staying power.

NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer Glue, £8 

Collection’s Glam Crystals Gel Eyeliner is the perfect budget buy for those of you who don’t want to break the bank but still look phenomenal. Use all of the lids for an unmissable shine, or simply create a glitter-filled cat-wing, sharp enough to be the envy of everyone who opted for basic body glitter instead.

Pro Tip: Go for shade ‘Hustle’, as it’s holographic and looks amazing with any makeup look.

Collection Glam Crystals Gel Glitter Eyeliner, £2.99

The Hair

There’s no such thing as being too extra when it comes to glitter. Less is not more and I dare anyone to convince me otherwise. DesignB has created these ah-may-zing clip in extensions for Halloween, but they’re more heavenly than hellish. Simply cut to match your length, pop into your hair and have people amazed at your real life mermaid hair.

DesignB Halloween Silver Glitter Clip-Ins, £8

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