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Freshers Week Fashion: The Paint Party


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It's that time of year again - time for the infamous freshers week to commence! This means lots of alcohol, lots of parties and lots of outfits! Luckily our contributor Holly Mclaren has sussed out the best things to wear for every possible occasion so you don't have to, and first up is the paint party...

A staple at pretty much all universities, the paint party is easily the messiest night of the year - literally. Three years, a big scrub and a lot of rainy days later, the shoes I wore to my first paint party STILL have signs of the hell they went through on that night. 

That’s not to say it wasn’t worth it - it’s one of the most fun and craziest nights you’ll have, so make sure you’re ready for it (and don’t waste your favourite heels on it!)

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The Outfit

White is the colour of choice for most attendees, after all, what good are the memories if you don’t have the paint-stained top to prove it?

Again, I sacrificed a top I loved and now am a proud owner of a peachy grey blouse that I’ll never be able to wear again. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you don’t mind your outfit getting ruined.

Boohoo have little white dresses going for as little as £4 (standard price, not sale) and are perfect for something like this. The only downside is that they’re all bodycon and coming in so cheap, they’re bound to be a bit see through even before the paint gets you! 

Boohoo, £4

Their high neck, frill sleeve bodycon is absolutely gorgeous and super flattering. The material itself is slightly thicker than their standard t-shirt material, so offers fuller coverage for those of you who don’t want everything on show.

Alternatively, go for an oversized T-shirt and wear it as a dress.

Personally, I like to go for a larger sized men's T-shirt, chop the neckline off and belt it around my waist. Comfort over style, my dudes. 

Fruit of the Loom, a firm favourite with primary schools nationwide, offer plain white tees from £1.99.

The Shoes

Flats are your best option here unless you want to face plant the slippery, paint-covered floor. Trainers are your best bet and I’d actually recommend going for black footwear - that way, they’re at least salvageable afterwards.

H&M currently has uber comfortable platform trainers, which allows for the height you’re missing from heels, but also makes sure you’re closer to solid ground.

H&M £19.99

Alternatively, Converse has a range of tie-dye lace up which will camouflage the damage from the cheap paint but still look cool on the night.

Currently better than half price when bought directly from Converse, they’re a good investment shoe to last you the year.

Converse, £29.99 SALE (full price £65)


Your makeup will get wrecked so don’t tap into your ABH Palette for this. Keep it simple with waterproof mascara and whatever other makeup minimums you desire.

I’d recommend forgetting foundation and instead opting for a good moisturiser to act as a barrier. The paints most clubs used aren’t exactly going to be Daler Rowley standard and will most likely not do your skin care regimen any favours.

The moisturiser you should use is dependant on your skin type, but for my oily to normal complexion, I like to use one by The Ordinary. The brand is super affordable but also high quality. 

The Ordinary (via Feel Unique) £4.90


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go for a messy bun. The paint will infiltrate it and turn it into a matted mess, especially if you fall asleep before you shower. 

Instead, try going for boxer braids or a high pony. The braids are great for minimal matting, however, can be a bit of a nightmare to get out after one too many sambucas. Ponies are quick, easy and allow for you to run your fingers through it during the night, preventing knot build up.

For the morning (or shower) after, get yourself a Tangle Teezer and give your hair the brush of its life. Although a little more pricey than some other brushes, it will save your life on more than one occasion.

Tangle Teezer, £11

What will you be wearing?!

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