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Kate Middleton's Fashion Faves


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The Duchess of Cambridge, or Kate Middleton as it seems she will be forever known, sometimes receives criticism for her style.

More fashion-forward commentators feel she dresses too maturely or safely for her thirty-six years, and that she could take a leaf out of her new neighbour Meghan Markle’s book.

Yet what Kate epitomises is that difference between style and fashion. For seven years, she’s been on the world’s stage, with her every move and sartorial choice observed and critiqued. We’ve seen fashions come and go, but if you look back at images of the Duchess from 2011, there’s nothing to set them apart from those taken last week (which, given she’s had three kids in the interim, is incredibly impressive). 


It seems Kate found what suited her, and it’s certainly true that she never looks inappropriate, uncomfortable or unsuited to the role she married into.

She’s achieved that style by sticking closely to several brands, returning to them whenever she needs a fresh outfit for yet another royal event. Here’s a round-up of Kate Middleton’s favourite fashion brands.

Alexander McQueen


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This is probably the brand most associated with her, and the most high-profile on this list. Kate has worn items from the fashion house for almost every kind of event you can imagine, from the christenings of all three of her children to weddings including Prince Harry’s, her sister Pippa’s and her own!

She wears coats, carries bags, and wears both day and evening dresses from the brand. The dramatic and sharply tailored style means the Duchess always looks crisp and neat for all occasions, and her passion for Sarah Burton’s creations for the brand is one which shows no signs of stopping seven years after she emerged from that car in that wedding dress.



At the other end of the scale, Kate’s tendency to wear Zara shows how easily she can shift between high-end and high street. The day after her double McQueen wedding dress, she stepped out in a simple blue £49.99 dress, hand in hand with her brand new husband.

For more low-key engagements, she’s a fan of the store’s coats and capes, whilst in her downtime, she’s favoured pretty summer dresses to accompany her children to the polo.

These items are much more purse-friendly if we want to emulate her style – if you can get them before they sell out.

 Jenny Packham

 If McQueen is her choice for formal engagements, and Zara for more casual events, Jenny Packham is for those more intimate moments.

Kate chose dresses by the designer for all three of those iconic appearances on the steps of the Lindo Wing following the births of her children when she looked far more glamorous than she had any right to!

Packham is also the Duchess’ go-to brand for the showbiz side of life, with a whole litany of stunning ethereal gowns having taken her to the Baftas, the ARK Gala, the BOA Olympic Concert and the premiere of Bond film Spectre. This is probably my favourite Kate-look as these are truly the outfits the word ‘princess’ conjures up.

 J Brand


Proving that even jeans can be work-appropriate, the Duchess also proves that it’s worth spending a bit more on such a wardrobe-staple. The LA-based firm J Brand has supplied the Duchess with jeans for both off-duty days and for her more athletic engagements, such as when she raced William and Harry at a 'Heads Together' training event in 2017.

They’re pricey, but a good pair of jeans is literally the Holy Grail of fashion, so who can blame her for splashing out?

L K Bennett

The one item of Kate’s wardrobe that has been mostly picked over by fashion columns are her trusty L K Bennett ‘Sledge’ shoes, the nude courts which have been a staple for her since she began this royal journey.

Whilst she has worn dresses such as the ‘Lasa’ by the brand it’s these shoes which she returns to again and again, because they go with everything, including pregnancy, apparently! In many ways, they sum up her overall style: discreet, feminine and professional.

 Which of these brands do you love?

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