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From Cautious to Confident in 7 Days - I Wore Red Lipstick Every Day For a Week


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The thought of red lipstick can often come with a thousand worries. Will it suit me? Will it clash with my outfit? Can I commit to the upkeep? I decided to spend a whole week red-lipped to suss out the key to a foolproof perfect pout.

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To begin with, I wanted to ensure my lipstick was as durable as possible. I opted for Huda Beauty’s liquid matte lipstick in Cheerleader, as I find the formula is always long lasting and comfortable to wear. Paired with a liner, my lipstick lasted around 6 hours which I was definitely impressed by. Working in a bar, I knew I wouldn't get a chance to reapply so I was relieved to end my shift with my lipstick still intact.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Cheerleader, £18

My main concern was the risk of the colour clashing with my eye makeup and looking a bit ‘much’ for daytime wear. To avoid this I decided to skip eyeshadow altogether and just go for some mascara and wispy false lashes. Not only did this keep the look minimal and work-appropriate, it also made me look like I’d put in far more effort than I actually had, which is definitely a win!

When it came to dressier occasions, I found that going for a neutral smokey eye was the best way to keep it from looking too heavy.

How to wear it

I was similarly conscious of colour clashing when it came to outfits. I began sticking with safe, neutral colours but eventually began adding subtle pops of red, which resulted in a well-matched ‘put-together’ look with surprisingly minimal effort. As the week went on I began to feel more confident, so decided to really commit to the colour palette and go for a red dress to really compliment the lipstick.

My Thoughts

Over the course of the week, there was one golden rule I picked up when it comes to red lipstick- don’t rush it. If you know you have to be out the door in the next minute, skip it. Take it from me, rushing only ends in disaster and you could end up running for the bus looking like a Miranda Sings tribute.

That being said, when done right it can be an instant confidence boost. Whether your outfit is understated or completely extra, a red lip can have you looking - and more importantly feeling - ready to take on the world.

Would you accept the red lipstick challenge?

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