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All the fashion and beauty brand you've been mispronouncing


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Fashion brands. We all love them. Their brand messages. Their artistry of clothing. Their vision. But there's something that alludes even the most fashion conscious - pronunciation of brand names. 

Some of them are easy to say, and some of them leave us scratching our heads. Is it Gah-vin-chee or Gi-von-she? Is it Ralph Lau-REN or Ralph LAU-ren? 

Well, don't worry because we're here to ensure you never say a fashion brands name wrong again...

You're welcome!

Givenchy "zhee-von-she"

This French brand is pronounced beautifully across the pond and should pronounced like this across the world. 

Versace "ver-saat-chee"

A classic mispronunciation. Versace's Italian name is one that is steeped in family history and should be said correctly always. 

Glossier "glossy-ay"

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This American brand just wanted to trick us! Please don't say 'Glossy-erh'.

Hermes "air-mez"

Welcome on the set #HermesAvecElle

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This is the most extra name -but of course we love Hermes so much we will try not to butcher the pronunciation. 

Gucci "goo-chee"

I know you might think this is easy, but believe me, I've actually heard someone say 'guk-hee'. Don't butcher it again please guys, my ears can't take it. 

Caudalie "koh-da-lee"

This beauty brand is another French word that so many of us cannot spell or say - but now we can!

Loewe "low-way-vay"

#LOEWE Mens FW18 arriving in stores and on

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Yes, you read that correctly. Loewe is pronounced nothing like how it looks! I'll be honest, I actually did think that these were two different brands - how wrong I was...

Lanvin "lahn-vahn"

We are just bad at saying words guys. Lanvin is almost too easy to get wrong - but we still do. Let's learn together.

Which brands do you find hard to say?

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