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Kylie Jenner: the self-made beauty billionaire


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When you think of a self-made billionaire, who comes to your mind first? Bill Gates? Alan Sugar? Richard Branson.... what about Kylie Jenner?

Forbes has named the 20-year-old the youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

This is a seriously impressive statistic and we should always celebrate successful women, but can someone who has grown up in the spotlight really be labelled self-made?


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Before she became Kylie Jenner the cosmetics mogul, she was Kylie the 11-year-old youngest sister of the Kardashian clan.

Born in 1997 to Kris Jenner, a woman with her own successful clothing business as well as a production company which has gone on to produce the family's numerous reality TV shows. Her father is Caitlyn Jenner, a multi-millionaire Olympic champion, so the minute Kylie came into the world she was already heir to a multi-million-dollar fortune.

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She grew up around the spotlight, even before her sisters became reality TV phenomenons her older brother Brody was one of the main stars on MTV’s early 00’s smash hit The Hills. She grew up around the likes of The Hilton’s and The Richie’s, in the privileged California community of Calabasas. 

After the launch of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s in 2007, Kylie’s young life would never be the same. Her elder sisters had become a cultural phenomenon and soon enough her and sister Kendall followed suit.

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Kylie became incredibly popular on social media in her teens, with millions of young girls following her Instagram account and copying her signature “overlined” lips look. After Kylie said she used Mac’s Velvet Teddy lipstick and soar lipliner to create her look, the two products sold out instantly and are still two of the best sellers for the brand.

Kylie saw a gap in the market, why make all this money for a cosmetics company when you could make your own company and rake in the profits? And thus, Kylie Cosmetics was born. 

Starting off by releasing lip kits to help achieve the Kylie look, the brand sold out in seconds after each product launch with people queuing online for hours in order to snap up a liquid lipstick and lip liner for $29. Her cosmetics company alone has meant that Kylie is now worth more than all of her sisters, including mega-star Kim.


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Kylie Cosmetics spawned a whole generation of Instagram makeup artists and bloggers who still model their look on the youngest Jenner sister.

Who else could make that money flogging lipsticks to create a look that is only possible with cosmetic surgery? Teenage girls make up a huge section of the worlds disposable income, and these teenage girls became obsessed with being like Kylie, and because of this, she continues to make money by the second.

Though she was born into money, a platform allowing her to create her cosmetics line in the first instance, Kylie's fortune is not to be scoffed at. A $900 million net worth at 20-years-old is incredible no matter how the money was earned.

At 20-years-old myself I’m quite frankly lucky if my card doesn’t get declined in Mcdonald’s!

Am I bitter? Just a little bit.

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