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What I Wore This Week: Rebecca Garbutt, Fashion Contributor


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Everyone knows that the best way to prep for your summer holiday is to blow a solid 50% of your savings on a haul of overpriced ‘essentials’. You think I’m talking about travel-size deodorants and shampoos? Bless.

Nope, I mean that wild shopping afternoon where the spends of the morning are blurry, and the only evidence of your indulgence hides away in twelve Topshop carrier bags. The 16-digit number on your debit card has faded away from the friction and you’re SURE that someone’s nicked a zero off your balance.

This year was a particularly bad one for me. I’d saved up long in advance, and with my wages and terrible self-control stacked on top, I didn’t even attempt to fight the inevitable spree.

But this holiday was an extra special one. My Dad and I love to backpack around Europe, with our spending geared towards quality experiences rather than villas, balconies and heated swimming pools. But with a ‘now or never’ mindset broadening our boundaries, we figured that if we don’t push the boat out this year, who’s to say next year will be any different?

So, we threw familiar out of the window and swapped croissants for the biggest apple we could find.

New. York. City. The hub of opportunity, big bucks and threads to die for. No pressure, right?

With my wardrobe refined to the dimensions of a tiny backpack, a choice was not an option.

With an outfit plan more structured than my entire life, here’s what I wore for my week away and how I prioritised style and substance.

Day One - July 4th –

I can’t remember the last time I left the house without a speedy catwalk for my boyfriend, followed up by a “cute as hell, right?”. A smile from him, a quick snapchat to Kathie and I’m ready to go. This holiday was no different, and I was totally feeling myself.

For this traditional American holiday, I thought I’d pair these pastel-embroidered denim shorts with the sweetest white crop top I could find. With gentle white blouses gracing Vilshenko’s Pre-Fall collection and pastels proving immensely popular this summer, this outfit was a subtle nod to two of my favourite catwalk trends.


Day Two - July 5th –

With the city still hyped over Macys’ fireworks from the night before, I couldn’t think of a better day to pop on my semi-cheesy red, white and blue Manhattan tee. While the humidity prompted an outfit change due to a delish case of sweaty pits, this felt cute while it lasted.

Paired up with some classic denim shorts and I was ready to get lost shopping in SoHo.


Day Three - July 6th –

Blessing New York with another look at yesterday’s shorts, I explored central park sporting another of my favourite ‘parks’. I’d been eyeing up this bodysuit for weeks, and after finding it on sale for £7, I couldn’t wait to finally wear it out. Loud logos are everywhere right now. Tommy, Fendi, and don’t get me started on the 50 spin-offs of the Gucci stripe.

As much as I tried, this athletic style wasn’t fooling anyone… especially those fortunate enough to witness me scoffing vanilla frosted doughnuts for lunch.


Day Four - July 7th –

This outfit basically fused all of my favourite trends that I’d tried out so far. I paired this adorable lilac Ivy Park vest top with my pastel shorts from day one; an outfit that proved ideal for battling the heat.

That’s the perk of investing in athleisure – if it’s made for the gym, sweating shouldn’t be a problem. Invest ladies, invest!


Day Five - July 8th –

And she’s back on the damn doughnuts. For breakfast though? Seriously?

There will always be a space in my wardrobe for vintage florals. They’re timeless statements - evergreen essentials, the seasonal chameleon print that adapts to every style you throw at it.

This shirt never fails to make me feel pretty. With such a powerful print up top, it was important not to wear a bottom that competed. I chose to style this with a light denim skirt. By choosing one with a raw and ragged hem, it equally held up its end of the country sweetheart vibe I was going for.


Day Six - July 9th –

See, any backpacker with common sense would choose to wear their heaviest clothes to lighten the weight. But hey, I ignore this every time. I know I mentioned prioritising both style and substance earlier on, but rules are made to be broken girls. Style all the way today.

After overruling all logic, I finally whipped out the skirt of all skirts. I genuinely have an emotional attachment to this garment… joint at the hip if you will. I know she always has my back…end.


Overall, it was truly a beautiful week full of culture, unintentional jaywalking and a whole lotta denim.

Featured brands: Topshop, Ivy Park, H&M. (Actually copped the hat at Tesco for a fiver!)

Where are you travelling this summer?

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