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Are Fashion Editors the new 'It' girls of the influencer world?


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Meeting with highly sought after industry faces , scooping exclusive content before it hits the shelf and generally being considered fashion royalty… is it any wonder Fashion Editors are joining the ranks of social influencers?

In a day and age where our social persona’s are crucial to how we are publicly perceived, the content we post really is so important.  

Instagram is our platform for showing the rest of the world our ‘best bits’; our amazing holidays, new season wardrobes, the over-priced brunch we paid for simply because it was Insta-worthy.

Social media is no longer just a hobby, it’s much more than that. It's a marketting technique, it's the face we show the world and for the people making a career out of it, it’s a full-time job.

With so many influencers becoming so due to the fact their lives are exciting and interesting enough to have such a high following, it’s no surprise that Fashion Editors are looking to join the elite category of 'Social Influencer'.

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People want to see how their days are spent, what clothes they’re wearing, who they’re meeting. And, as with all influencers, brands are tapping in to this and making the most of a growth opportunity.

But when it starts to show Editors leaving their position to fulfill that of a full-time influencer, it really does pose the question on where the lines blur...

With just about any job in the fashion industry, personal social medias do tend to play a part in their career.  

Social exposure to companies can be huge, and how their staff are portrayed can correlate to how their brand is then in turn perceived.  

But then this raises a further, more troubling point, what is really more important in these career paths; qualifications or social media following?  

Using Edward Enningful’s takeover at Vogue as an example, Enningful hired a whole set of model and socialites as part of his team; like Kate and Naomi.

Though their experience is moreso in modelling, their huge social following is proof of how important that is in comparison to just qualifications and academic experience.

However, for the industry, if anything this is evidence of how important influencers are in the market.  We lust after people’s wardrobes, lifestyles, looks, and what we see on social media is our driving perceptions.  

So, with a career like a Fashion Editor, where your whole intention is creating something which people want to look at with interest, and enjoyment, and lust, should we really be suprised that the line between Fashion Editor and Social Influencer are crossing so heavily?

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