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20 Years Of Sex and the City: Charlotte York's Best Looks


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In honour of every girl's favourite show Sex and the City turning 20 last week, the fashion girls have decided to talk our lovely readers about our favourite outfits of the Sex and the City girls!

Before Blair Waldorf graced our screens, there was another preppy brunette treading the streets of NYC with not a thread out of place.  Charlotte York formed one-quarter of the formidable group of women whose story was the focus of Sex and the City, and whilst her friend Carrie is often seen as the fashion icon born from that series, we'd be remiss to sleep on what Charlotte's wardrobe offered us.

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Here are a few of her most iconic looks, and a couple of ways you can incorporate them into your wardrobe in 2018:  

Pretty in pink

This pink shearling jacket makes more appearances on lists of SATC's worst outfits than it does on any best-dressed one, but with the fashion industry's recent rediscovery of "ugly" past trends (tiny sunglasses, chunky trainers, crocs...), the door is well and truly open for this look.  Paired with a all-black ensemble including some sleek boots, Charlotte's choice of outerwear here adds just the right amount of flair expected from a member of Carrie Bradshaw's posse, and this simplicity makes it a really wearable option for anyone- whether you're in Manhattan or Manchester.

 The LBD

In the midst of the Samantha Joneses and the Carrie Bradshaws of the world, the LBD could seem like a boring option, but if there's one thing Charlotte York does well it's the classics. The low-cut, neckline highlighted by a simple silver pendant- along with fuss-free hair and makeup- has been a stalwart combination in sartorial history, but with the recent renaissance of the minimalist look, now seems like the perfect time to embrace it once again.  Copy Charlotte's looks with this number from ASOS and simple pendant from Urban Outfitters.

"I curse the day you were born!" 

Who could forget that moment?  In fact, the outfit worn by Charlotte to shout that line is almost as iconic as the words themselves; the polka dots, the high ponytail, the tailored pink mac... it's everything we've come to expect from her.  Should you want to embrace her at her most empowered and recreate the look (baby bump optional), this monochrome dotted mini dress and baby pink raincoat from ASOS keep just enough of the original outfit's essence but add a definitive Gen-Z twist.  

Take me out to the ball game

Just because Charlotte's sitting on a plastic chair at a sports game, it doesn't mean she's suddenly going to adopt a more casual look.  In one of her most underrated ensembles, she makes eating greasy stadium food look about as chic as it ever will.  The pink fur, the slick hair, the statement shades...they deserve to be centre stage, not lost in the bleachers.  Luckily, the last few years have seen a resurgence in statement coats, and when it comes to faux fur the possibilities are endless.  This one from Mango£79.99captures the cosy courtside glamour, whilst the squashed cat-eye sunglasses from Urban Outfitters£15 add the edge not often embraced- but nonetheless successfully executed-by Ms York herself.  

Which is your favourite look?

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