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LGBT community take offence to Primark's 2018 Pride collection


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It’s the official season of Pride, what more visual way could there be of showing support for the LGBT community, than through our wardrobes.

In celebration of Pride Month, it has become customary for fashion retailers to release capsule collections in ‘support' of the movement. And considering the 914 billion dollar purchasing power of the LGBT community, who can blame them?

Nike, H&M, Urban Outfitters and Topshop are just some of those retailers who have taken to promoting Pride-themed collections in recent years.

However, consumers are proving to be ever-more sceptical of this rising tradition, with fashion company Primark being the latest to be accused of “pinkwashing” by the LGBT community.

Primark’s 2018 Pride Collection has come under fire this month, accused of curating a collection that appears to be progressive, but thats purpose is directed at sales and ultimately undermines the LGBT movement.

The first issue activist have called Primark out on, is in their poor choice of Charity collaboration. Primark’s 2018 Pride Collection has been created in partnership with UK charity Stonewall, with 20% of profits being donated to the organisation. A nice gesture - or so you’d think…

But though Stonewall is known for its campaigns challenging homophobia, the charity does not actively organise events, and actually refuses to support Pride London which it openly criticised for it “lack of diversity”.

The UK Pride Organizers Network, representing charities that organise hundreds of Pride events across the UK, quickly issued a statement announcing its disappointment in the partnership:

“All Pride organisations are voluntary bodies that struggle every year to raise the funds necessary to hold these major public events. Stonewall has been critical of Prides in the past, and this is an insult to those Prides who sell their own merchandise to raise funds for their events.”

But the outrage doesn’t stop there since it has been further revealed that Primark’s Pride collection has been manufactured in countries ranked as the worst in the Europe for LGBT rights.

From official Pride bodies, to individual activist, a social media storm has ensued warning supporters to be mindful where they purchase their Pride fashion.

Find out more about retail Pinkwashing by searching #Pinkwashing and #BoycottPrimark

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