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Birkenstocks for Every Budget


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Every now and again, the tides change and an item of clothing or an accessory that has traditionally been sartorially slated finds itself on every must-have list for the season.  

The humble Birkenstock is one such item. Formerly reserved for Mini Boden-clad kids and adults with more of an eye for horticulture than high fashion, it's now everywhere from runways and lookbooks to uni campuses and music festivals.  

And the best part is, unlike so many trending fashion statements (I'm looking at you, tiny sunglasses), Birkenstocks are probably one of the most wearable products around and are definitely worth the investment, so we've rounded up a few of the best "footbeds" going.  

Priced low to high so you can stop scrolling when you hit your budget, take a look at our favourite beach-ready Birkenstocks:

Boohoo, Paige Double Buckle Slider Footbed Sandals, £8.00 (SALE)

If you're looking for a cheap and versatile sandal for this summer, this one is ideal.  

There's almost nothing the gold details won't pair well with, and the double straps look strikingly similar to the original Birkenstock design, so you can relax on the beach smugly knowing that you've got the same look for a quarter of the price.  

New Look, Red Double Buckle Strap Footbed Sandals, £12.99

Summer is the season when bright colours come out in full force and anything black is relegated to underbed drawers across the country.  

Nevertheless, if you're not ready to go full-on rainbow quite yet, these cherry-red New Look footbeds are the perfect solution; bright enough to add some summery flair to any outfit, but still subtle enough to just catch the eye rather than blind it.  

ASOS, FOOLPROOF Sliders, £16.00

Chic and simple, these rose gold footbeds from ASOS scream blank canvas.

While many of the more expensive footbed products feature intricate embroidery and beading, buying a plainer pair such as this leaves the door wide open for some summer crafting.

Some super glue and a pack of beads, and you'll be on your way to a  genuinely bespoke pair of sandals.  

Pretty Little Thing, Tan Cross Strap Studded Food Bed, £18.00

If you're strapped for space in your suitcase, tan sandals are the solution. 

This pair from Pretty Little Thing are finished off with some pearl detailing meaning they'll fit in just as well at the beach bar during the day, as they will at the hotel restaurant during the night.  

Monki, Flat sandals, £25.00

If your outfit's on the bolder side and you don't want to divert the focus. A pared down pair of footbeds like these pink-but-almost-cream ones from Monki are sure-fire solution.  

They're a subtle compliment to both jeans and dresses alike, and whilst they look great, they don't demand too much attention of their own.  

Accessorize, Alicia Wedge Slider Sandals, £29.60 (SALE)

Unlike the above sandals, these ones from Accessorize definitely do draw the eye.  

A monochrome base with bursts of coral here and there, they're begging to be paired with a floaty cream dress for a meander through a cobbled European town on a balmy summer evening.  

Accessorize, Orlanda PomPom Slider Sandals, £29.60 (SALE) 

Pom poms, beads, embroidery, bright colours... these are like an explosion in an artesanal workshop (in a good way).  

Slip them on with an oversized kaftan and you'll look so put together by the pool it would be a shame to take them off so you can have a swim.  

ASOS, Office Superstar Grey Studded Slider Sandals, £40.00

If it's versatility you're after, ASOS has you covered.

These buckled footbeds are  a grey suede with rose gold detailing, meaning you've got both a warm and a cold colour palette in one shoe.  

Combined with ASOS's eternal student discount and free postage, these are an investment worth making.  

Office, Birkenstock Arizona Two Strap Shiny Snake Cream, £59.95

Remember when the Birkenstock was normally found in some organic colour scheme down by the flower beds?  

Well those days are gone. Someone at Birkenstock HQ clearly caught wind of their newfound fashion status and elevated them to new heights by bringing out a metallic cream snakeskin version.  

Such a toned-down colour scheme avoids being boring when upon closer inspection a sparkly, scaly surface is revealed- if your budget stretches this far, it would be rude not to...

Carvela, Flatform Sliders, £99.00

Go hard or go home, right?

 If you want to make a statement, then look no further; with a chunky platform, wide golden straps, multicoloured embroidery, AND metallic studding these sandals from Carvela pack quite the punch.

Sandy toes will be a thing of the past with such a thick sole, and effortless holiday style will be a breeze when you slip these on - they're sure to liven up even the tamest of outfits.  

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