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From throwback to comeback: the old trends getting a fresh start


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What goes around comes back around. We all know it, Beyoncé sang it, and fashion is proof of it. 

When we think of trendsetters, we think of people who pluck a style from obscurity and make it fashion.  But if you cast your mind back, you might just realise there’s nothing new about many of these trends; we just happened to be in nappies- if that- when they first made an appearance. 

The Knotted Headband

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When we think of the 1950s, a pretty iconic look comes to mind; everything was high-waisted, stars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were monopolising our screens, and it was pretty much the golden age of sunglasses. 

Nevertheless, amongst all of this there existed a subtler accessory- the knotted headband.  

On the beach or in the street, atop silky bobs or amidst bouncy curls, keeping your hair out of your face had never looked sleeker, and it seems nowadays top designers and high-street brands alike are giving the knotted headband in all its functional-but-stylish glory a renaissance. 

The Wrap Dress

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In the 1970s when Diane von Furstenberg made her first wrap dresses it’s unlikely she could have predicted their enduring appeal.

Back then, they were generally a little longer and wrapped up a little bit more than they do now, but there’s no doubt about it, the wrap dress is no longer the reserve of mums at graduation ceremonies. 

It’s back, and everyone from Brandy Melville to Marks and Spencer’s wants in. 

High-Cut Swimwear

What do Kylie Jenner and 80s workout videos have in common? 

Well, they’re both partial to a dangerously high-cut leg. This time three years ago who would’ve thought that the Call On Me music video could pass for a recent hit? 

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Swimsuits so highly cut they almost sit closer to your armpits than your legs have surged in popularity, so if you’re a fan of tanning as much of your leg as possible without actually having to forgo the swimsuit altogether then you’re in luck (if not, sorry about that).

Fluffy Accessories

Fluffy hair bobbles from were all the rage back in 1990s primary school, and I imagine many of us were secretly slightly heartbroken when we had to deposit them in a bathroom drawer somewhere and graduate to more up-to-date style fads or risk being socially alienated forever

But fear not, for fluff is back.  It’s on backpacks, shoes, coats, keyrings, and pretty much everything else you can wear… they say you shouldn’t live in the past, but when the past is 1990s Anna Sui I think we can make an exception. 

Spagetti Straps Over T-shirts

Remember THAT Clueless scene with the joke you didn’t get when you first watched it at a sleepover aged ten, but now most definitely do (“well there goes your social life”)? 

Well it seems Urban Outfitters appreciates it just as much as we do, so much so that it’s dead-set on recreating its aesthetic on every university campus across the country. 

The spaghetti strap over the t-shirt is back (bonus points for keeping it monochrome) and, even though it may be the least functional trend since mini skirts over jeans, it might just make exercising a slightly more appealing prospect. 

The Button-Down Dress

Honestly, why wouldn’t you want to take style inspiration from the genius behind such ground-breaking music as Smelly Cat and The Cow In The Meadow Goes Moo? 

Last summer, we saw the linen button-down dress surge in popularity after last being seen on Phoebe Buffay circa 1994, and it’s showing no signs of being forgotten in the back of the wardrobe any time soon. 

Over a t-shirt or flying solo, it’s the best answer to warm but windy weather; the linen keeps you cool, but the buttons keep it weighed down enough to avoid any Marilyn moments. 

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