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Drag and Fashion: Interview with Biblegirl


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The undisputed internet queen of drag, Biblegirl is a social media maven and CEO of who has risen to fame as the original ‘quitter of drag’. 

Known for her signature looks and steadfast connection with her followers, Biblegirl has shown that when it comes to style and success, there are no rules but your own.

What fashion trends are you into right now – and what trends are you unexcited by?

I’m really hyped on mixing as many different prints together in one look as possible, no matter how obnoxious, and extra-long sleeves! I’m unexcited by spaghetti strap, sparkly party dresses and diamond studded collars. 

Can you talk to us about the process of coming up with a new look?

Coming up with a new look is definitely not an overnight process, and circumstantially it varies. Most of the time, I will whip out a sketchbook and wrack through my brain’s Rolodex of fashion references.

These references inspired me back in high school to go to college for womenswear design and I try to most as much homage possible to what helped shape who I am today! 

Are there any outfits you’ve worn in the past that you look back at and cringe?

There are many Forever 21 ensembles I look back at and definitely question my sanity over. 

How would you say your style has changed in the past few years? 

I would say my style has definitely become more elevated and realized.

I feel like my aesthetic has remained organic and true to who I am as an artist— I’ve taken a lot of care of my body in the past year and have been able to don a lot more variety in my wardrobe because of it.

As somebody who struggles with body dysmorphia on the daily, it grants a bit more confidence and solace knowing that I’m doing my best to feel and look my best in no matter what I wear going forward. 

What is your fashion style out of drag? 

I straddle the spectrum of looking like a 16-year-old lacrosse player or a recently retired grandfather of 354. 

What style advice would you give to your younger self?

Be a slut. Wear whatever you want and be proud! 

What do you think drag contributes to the world of fashion?

I think drag contributes to fashion from a place of fearlessness where the fashion industry at large is afraid to go without the proper prodding.

Many drag entertainers have pushed boundaries and conceived heightened concepts that many designers could only dream of calling their own.

This doesn’t even necessarily just halt at the clothing. I believe it also pertains to body image and gender identity as well!

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You can follow Biblegirl on Twitter and Instagram and head to to buy her Meet and Greet tickets for the UK’s biggest drag convention, taking place at London’s Olympia on the 18th-19th of August.

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