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The Instagram style icons promoting body confidence this summer


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It's coming up to summer, and even if you're not lucky enough to be out sunning yourself just yet, your Instagram feed is chocca-block with those who are...

For some, summer is the time of year they live for: out come the slinky two-pieces, the short-shorts and the crop tops.

But, for some of us, seeing those long, lean women one after the other all the way down our Instagram feed first thing in the morning, right before we go to sleep, and once every hour in between, can be demoralising to say the least.

Of course, that's in no way meant to vilify those accounts; they're living their best life and good for them, but it's important to remember that you can live yours too without it looking like you've stepped straight off the set of a Flat Tummy Tea photoshoot.  

So maybe it's time for a summer cull? Here are just a few of the Instagram profiles that will help you look forward to enjoying summer, just the way you are:

Naja @naja

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If you want to support women, look no further.  Naja is not only a brand that sells lingerie, activewear and swimwear, but one that does so with women and the environment in mind.

Its ad campaigns do away with sexualising women for the male gaze and instead focus on empowering women for themselves.  

Take a look at their Instagram account and you'll see women of all shapes, sizes, and colours both wearing and making some of the dreamiest summer garments on the internet. 

Gurls Talk @gurlstalk

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Founded by Adwoa Aboah, Gurls Talk is an online community which encourages girls of all backgrounds to talk about just about anything in order to build a community in which nothing is off limits.  

Their daily posts cover everything you might need from a summer style inspiration Instagram account; here, it's not just clothes and outfit inspiration, but also valuable reminders and lessons about how to take care of what's both inside and outside of the body those clothes go on.

Grace Victory @healgrowglow

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Heal Grow Glow is the food for the soul of the Instagram community.

The brainchild of Gracie Francesca- the self-proclaimed "internet's big sister"- posts everything from poetry to photos with one thing in common: the reminder that there's no one way to be beautiful. Think of it as summer style inspo for both the body and the mind.  

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor @atlantabean

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor's latest swimwear collaboration with Revolve and LPA is set to drop shortly so there's no doubt this profile will be awash (pun fully intended) with summer style inspiration in the coming weeks. 

Atlanta herself has highlighted that the collection has been made with curvy girls and big boobs in mind, so if those tiny triangles so familiar to other bikini tops cause you to feel less self-confident and more self-conscious.

Head on over to @atlantabean to discover that confidence boost you've been waiting for.

Sophie Mayanne @behindthescars_

Sophie Mayanne created her platform Behind the Scars to give ordinary people the opportunity to embrace their bodies' beauty along with the stories behind them.

 @behindthescars_ features people of all ages and walks of life and is a gentle yet powerful reminder that what we look like - whilst it may be the first thing people see when they meet us - certainly isn't what defines us.

Mude Threads @jazmoodie

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On those days when the sun goes and hides behind the clouds (which, let's face it, describes just about every British summer since records began) and it's a bit too chilly to whip out the swimsuit, Mude Threads is the answer.  

Jaz Moodie fights hyper-sexualisaton and champions body positivity by hand-embroidering the outlines and nuances of real bodies onto t-shirts, sweatshirts, cushions, and so much more.  She even takes Nude Commissions throughout the year so you can forget wearing your heart on your sleeve; now you can wear yourself on your jumper.  

Remember! There's really aren't that many girls who look like Victoria's Secret models in the world and though it may seem like it in the summer months media and advertising to not present a representative reflection of real women. Hopefully hitting follow on these accounts will help you to remember that bikini bodies are not one size, nor one colour, nor one shape.

Oh, and most importantly, I can guarantee that none of these accounts will ever try and sell you a Flat Tummy Tea.

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