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5 ways for luscious beach locks


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Is Instagram causing some serious beach hair envy? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The question is, how do you achieve those effortless beachy waves or super neat french plaits without a team of professional stylists?!

Sometimes it can almost feel impossible.

Relax. This guide will teach you how to tame that salty mane, making the impossible, possible. 

Step One: 

Theres a lot more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start. So before getting started on the best hairstyles for you, you need to prep your hair. The sun, sea and summer holidays, in general, can make your hair super dry and look damaged. It’s a good idea to invest in some hair masks and good shampoo to kick start your healthy hair diet. 

Magical Masks 

Garnier Ultimate Blends - The Wholesome Nourisher, £4.99 in coconut and macadamia. A 3-in-1 mask to boost natural hair “giving shine and luscious suppleness”. The great thing about this mask is 1. Either use as a rinse out the mask, 2. Leave in wet hair or 3. apply straight onto dry hair!! With mini sachets available, you can slip one in your bag and after taking a quick dip in the pool apply afterwards!

Awesome Aussie

A cheap alternative to salon recommended hair treatments. Aussie has a whole range of products from different types of shampoos and conditioners (like volume boosting and miracle moist) to 3-minute hair masks, £5.99 designed to tame those nasty tangles. Not only are most products under £5, but in Boots, the products are often on offer E.G. 3 products for £10 -perfect for that student bargain. To make things even better, the products really do work.

Sassy Sprays

A quick solution for dry damaged hair is carrying a mini bottle of hair moisturising spray. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner, only £4.99  “instantly detangles, putting an end to tugging and pulling at knotty, unruly hair”. Once you're moisturised you can go in with some salt spray to add texture.

Toni&Gu offer a fab sea salt texturising spray, £8.25 to give some serious body to your hair, helping you achieve the style of your dreams. Reviews are there to back up the authenticity of the product, so make sure you don’t leave this off your holiday list.

Step Two: 

Now you’re on the way to taming those tangles and getting perfectly moisturised hair, you can have a good play around with hairstyles. Below are the most popular and stylish beach hairstyles. 

French Plait Space Buns 

The perfect solution for stress-free yet super cute hair. Start by styling half your head with a french plait. Once towards the top back of your head, wrap around into mini buns and pin in place. It’ll be easier to do this to your hair when it's damp and moisturised, so take a cheeky dip first.

Fish Tail French Braids

Could these plaits be any cuter? Better suited for long hair but can certainly be applied to medium length hair too!

Dear beach, I think about you all the time.....

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Beachy Waves 

If you’re after that perfect Insta pic, use some salt spray and loosely plait hair. Wait until dry and let your hair down for perfect, that free beachy waves.  

Half Up Braids 

If you really want to keep your hair down but out of your face then this is the solution for you. Take the top section of hair and split into two, plait and join together with a little hair band. For a chic- effortless look, make the plaits loose.

Bandana Up-Do

Easy-peasy. Put your hair up in a messy bun, pulling a few strands out to her frame your face. Add your favourite headscarf or bandana to pull back hair for that ultimate accessory. 

Now you’re all set with five ultimate beach do’s. Keep your hair protected from the summer elements for strong soft hair. Remember though, there's a LOT more to life than hair and the way you look.

This summer, spend less time thinking about how you look and enjoy wherever you end up! 

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