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EDIT: interview outfits


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For lots of us, spring is less about playsuits and florals, and more about portfolios and frayed nerves.

While lots of workplaces have relaxed their dress codes, job interviews are a different animal. IYou can never be too smartly dressed when you first meet your prospective employers, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing style. If you look good, you’ll feel good and that confidence will show through. 

Whether you’re going for a summer internship, lining up a spot on a graduate scheme or – argh! – an actual bonafide job, it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe and look more like a worker than a student.

Here’s our pick of some of the best pieces out there to help you interview like a boss! 

Next, Black Tailored Trousers (£25) and Black Tailored Jacket (£42) 

Next black jacket and trousers

A trouser suit is most women’s go-to for an interview outfit, and it’s easy to see why. A well-cut two-piece will do wonders to make you look like you know exactly what you’re doing, even if you don’t!

Next is well known for its affordable tailoring, and the great thing is that you can mix and match the styles of jackets and trousers to best suit you.That said, these skinny trousers and single-breasted jacket are classic. 

Dorothy Perkins, Black Pinstriped Pencil skirt (£25)

Dorothy Perkins black pinstripe pencil skirt

 Pencil skirts are a perennial workwear staple, treading the line between professional and flattering brilliantly.

However, there’s a lot to be said for making sure you can a) breathe and b) sit down. So make sure you test drive it properly! This one taps into the classic pinstripe look which will never date and could be worn for many seasons to come.

Bravissimo, Short Sleeve Shirt (£40) 

Bravissimo white shirt

This is quite a pricey white shirt, but hear me out. This could easily become a staple item in your workwear wardrobe, appropriate on almost every occasion.

If you’re somebody who often finds shirts just don’t work (boobs...), Bravissimo’s clothing section might just change your life. Especially designed for those of us who are more blessed in that particular department, this fitted shirt will fit all of your curves. 

Next, Tailored Cap Sleeve Dress (£35)

Next navy cap sleeve dress

A simple dark dress like this is the kind of outfit  you’ll find yourself coming back to even after you smash that interview.

It’s inoffensive but smart, ensuring that what you say will be more memorable than what you wore. This one is available in black, but navy can be much more forgiving on all skin tones, and works all year round.

Debenhams, Black Colour Block Dress (£45) 

Debenhams colour block dress

 But an interview doesn’t have to be all black and white. Done carefully, a splash of colour could be the thing which makes you first stand out against the neutral tones of the other candidates.

This dress does that perfectly, keeping the outfit simple and unfussy, but with a bit more interest. This could be perfect if you’re interviewing for a more creative job as it’s a bit playful but still respectful and serious.

Dorothy Perkins, Black ‘Lori’ Loafers (£25)

Dorothy Perkins loafers

I am such a believer in being comfortable whilst interviewing - nobody wants a candidate who hobbles in the door and spends the day wincing every time they stand up.

A simple ballet pump or loafer  will go with almost any of the other pieces in our edit, and so much more. Just make sure they’re clean and you’ve worn them a few times before your interview – blisters are the last thing you need!

Clarks, Dalia Rose Court Shoes (£59) 

Clarks nude court shoes

That said, perhaps heels make you stand more confident.

These nude courts will go with anything, and could become your go-to shoe for any weddings or christenings you attend this summer. Clarks might not be the first place you think of going for shoes, but I can honestly testify to their longevity and comfort from many long hours on my feet at work.

Oasis, Sunny Shopper (£30) Oasis shopper bag

Being prepared for your interview might entail a lot of paperwork, so you’ll need something to carry it in aside from your old school backpack.

This shopper is roomy enough to drop any papers in, and could also accommodate a laptop. You’ll find a bag like this invaluable, but also prone to storing your life, so make sure you have a quick tidy out before your interview!

Marks and Spencer, Trench Coat (£45)

Marks and Spencer trench coat

 British Springtime has begun, but we all know what that means - rain.

Going forwards, hopefully you’ll only need a light jacket to make that first impression a good one. This classic trench coat will see you arrive to your interview looking crisp and smart, with the help of Stormwear, dry. It also comes in a ton of colours!

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