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10 beauty essentials to help you bring you A-game this Spring


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January lasted for approximately 47 years... and it's showing on our faces.

The long nights and short days took their toll on pretty much everyone and will most likely have effected your beauty regime.

Now over mid-way through February, we've compiled a list of the essential items you need to get back on top form this spring.

That's right, it's time to throw a couple of vitamin D pills down you (we miss you, sunshine) and treat yourself to a little bit of self care...

Put your best face forward

There's nothing better than feeling fresh faced. If you really want to treat yourself, go for a black peel off mask. You will have seen them floating around Instagram, boasting about how effective they unlock pores- and they've got every right to!

My personal favourite is the Quick Fix Black Peel Mask. I'd suggest to use it on your t-zone only, as it can be a bit tough on softer, sensitive areas such as cheeks.

Make a splash

No one does bath bombs like lush. From colourful explosions to rich oil infused creations, there's something for everyone.

If you're looking to unwind, your best bet is the Twilight bath bomb. Lavender infused, this sweet scented treat turns your water lilac with glitter cascading through it. Not only does it look and smell amazing but it will leaves you feeling amazing.

Deep conditioning

The stormy weather can play havoc on your hair. From winds that knot it up to more frequent styling, it's nice to give it back some summer loving.

Dependant on your hair, different masks will be better suited. The best all-rounder I adore(and treat myself to far too often) is Mark Hill's MiracOILous Mask. Infused with a bunch of oils to nourish your hair it leaves your locks luscious and smelling amazing.

Time to get pucker

Like your hair, lips bare the brunt of harsh winds. Keep them hydrated and soft with Carmex Lip Balm. Generally regarded to be one of the best lip care treatments, it's a simple yet effect little tube of self care. It's also got an SPF factor of 15 so can protect you from deceptive cold sun!

Touchably smooth

Nothing feels better than a pair of freshly shaved legs. Student budgets don't often lend themselves to good quality razors (shout out to bic multi packs) but they're a real investment and can make a huge difference.

Olay and Venus teamed together to create one of the most effective razors around. The razor head may look large, but the yellow and white bar act as moisturiser and skin conditioner, saving the need to buy shaving foam - it's a win win.

Summer scents

A sure fire way to boost your confidence is to know you smell ah-mazing. Lancôme's La Vie Est Belle is the perfect perfume for anyone who wants to smell just as good hours later as they did when they first put it on. It has remarkable staying power and is a sweet feminine scent.

Fleecy lined and feel fabulous

What's better than freshly shaved legs? A pair of freshly shaved legs gliding themselves into a brand new pair of silky tights. For an extra treat, grab a pair of fleece lined tights. They're ridiculously warm while not interfering with your stylish status.

Because even our lashes are feeling dry...

It may come as a surprise but mascara is the make up product with the shortest shelf life - beauticians reckon you should replace it every 2-3 months.

So put down that clumpy old wand and get yourself Maybelline's coconut infused Total Temptation Mascara. Speaking from first hand experience, this stuff is incredible. It's rivals Dior's Iconic Overcurl Mascara in lash appearance, yet smells somewhat coconut-ty and leaves your lashes nourished.

Polished to perfection

After investing in a great moisturiser, it's time to give your hands a treat. A new nail polish can make the world of difference.

Fresh polish is smooth and glides into the nail effortlessly - not need for lots of clumpy coats, which puts less stress on the nail. As we're approaching spring, pastels are bound to come back into fashion, but personally, I don't think you can go wrong with Rimmel's Double Decker Red.

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