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The most seductive fragrances on the high-street


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Ah, Valentine's Day... a 24-hour period centralised around love, Cupid and gifts. But maybe a gift for yourself would be the perfect treat for 14th Feb. E.g. the Holy Grail of aphrodisiacs: Perfume!

Both scientists and psychologists have proven that a sultry fragrance increases your sex appeal to those around you. A solid fragrance is thought to heighten your sensuality and let's face it; it is guaranteed to boost your confidence.

So, let's take a look at the must-have fragrances this Valentine's Day:

Tata Harper's 'Love Potion' (£43)

This perfume is a cult must have that promises a blend of aromatherapeutic oils that produces a fragrant veil of sensual, alluring scent.

The roll-on applicator allows you to apply the fragrance directly to your pulse points, which will be ideal ahead of Valentine's Day date. The undertones of sandalwood and frankincense are known to help boost natural pheromones, so you feel empowered. Plus, top notes of orange peel, grapefruit and ylang-ylang make for the perfect light fragrance.

Escentric Molecules '04' (£79)

This soft fragrance, you get a gentle blend of warm floral tones, plus wood, musk and fresh vetiver.

Not only is this fragrance subtle, but it also oozes sophistication and seduction. The 'otherness' of this fragrance is a key player in the attractiveness that it has to offer! Simply spritz a cloud and step into a veil of pure, subtle magnetism. 

Giorgi Armani 'Si Narce Sparkling Limited Edition' (£73)

Chic. Intense. Sparkly. This limited edition fragrance really does have it all. Not to mention the iridescent pearly sparkle that is left on your skin is the perfect partner in crime for your Valentine's Day wardrobe!

This cologne is a creation of Giorgio Armani's modern feminity, which celebrates a declaration of freedom, love and life! What's more: 'Si' is Italian for 'yes,' which makes it the perfect self-gift for a special day.

This is an iconic scent that is both fresh and addictive; the additional sparkle is just the finishing touch.

Lancome 'La Vie est Belle L'Eclat' (£75)

Lancome's 'La Vie' collection is a timeless collection - 'L'Eclat' is a twist on this, which celebrates happiness through the beauty of a smile.

A smile is certainly what you'll see on your partner's face once they get a load of this scent. The sparkling notes of Orange Blossom, combined with a chorus of fruity notes allows for a delicious scent that lingers on your skin throughout the night.

Kiehl's 'Musk de Toilette' (£42)

This fragrance can be worn by both men and women, which means that it provides what it says on the tin: Musk.

It's thought to have been created in New York in the 1920s, but when it was found in 1953 it was labelled 'Love Oil.' Romantic, huh? Plus, it is charming, soft and sensual that works in harmony with the natural musk of your skin. 

Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her Eau de Parfum' (£60)

This is a musk-drenched fragrance that is seriously sexy!

One smell of this scent and you will definitely fall under the spell of the creamy vanilla, the lashings of orange blossom and heady sexy musk. Do not be fooled by the pastel pink exterior of this bottle; the thick black box that conceals this seductive masterpiece has a lot to answer for. 

Tom Ford 'Velvet Orchid' (£82)

This is less intense than Tom Ford's Black Orchid, but it still has the classical sexy undertone that is pumped into his famous scents.

If you want to play on your girly innocence, then this sweetly-seductive scent may be for you! The combination of honey and rum is provocative in itself. 

Jo Malone 'Velvet Rose & Oud' Cologne (£115)

What is better than a Jo Malone fragrance, you wonder... An intense Jo Malone fragrance.

This collection is limited but wonderful, and this particular cologne is truly special. The richness of this product is due to the top note of clove, which also gives a spicy element. My favourite note is the base note of oud that adds a dark depth to the fragrance that is perfect for Valentine's Day.

What have we learned? The muskier, the better!



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