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The fashion careers you haven't thought about


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Working in the fashion industry might automatically bring to mind films like Devil Wears Prada and iconic figures like Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfield - but not all jobs within the fashion world are that high-profile.

In fact, there's probably a tonne of jobs in fashion you've never even heard of.

So, don't lose faith in your fashion career just yet. Take a glance at some of these lesser considered fashion related careers, and let your dreams take off!

  • Closet Assistant

The perfect for those obsessed with clothes, shoes, accessories and everything in between. A job being surrounded by a collection of funky and stylish items, closet assistants are responsible for all merchandise which comes through office doors.

This job entails finding the perfect samples to borrow, creating moodboards and sending out the right items which are needed for shoots… and of course, what style-obsessed fashionista wouldn’t want to work out of a fully packed wardrobe?

  • Fashion News Editor

The ideal career choice for budding writers who have a flair for fashion.  

The fashion industry is constantly filled with groundbreaking news (well, groundbreaking to us anyway) so working to produce news stories would be a busy and exciting position. Not to mention all the fashion week involved events, planning future stories and working on edgy layouts to produce stories.

  • Digital Editor

In the era where our lives are social media and online obsessed, working in the digital team has never been a more relevant and booming career choice to make.

The digital department oversees any online content the company puts out each day, ensuring there are enough exciting social media posts and constant up to date stories and images.

  • Photo Director

Being photo director for fashion magazines or style companies is made up of booking photographers and stylists for shoots, budgeting shoots and finding the right location.  

The perfect position for those who know their way about the camera.

  • Fashion Buyer

Travelling all around the world, seeing wonderful showrooms filled with hot off the press clothing, attending fashion shows… yes being a fashion buyer is a real job!

This position entails finding the right products to be put in stores and deciding what you think would sell best, the perfect fashionista job.

  • Visual Merchandiser

It’s a visual merchandisers job to map out how the store should be laid out to get the best possible sales; working out which best sellers work better at the front, where customers are automatically drawn to and ensuring all products are positioned best within the store.  

A great one for logical thinkers who like to take the methodological approach.

  • Model Scout

If you’re looking for a fashion based job, but are more interested in the people than the clothes, then this could be the right fit for you.  

Model scouting is all about booking the right models for the jobs; this could be by finding models from the latest runways that haven’t made it big yet and opening up their career or finding the right models to suit working with a specific brand, it’s all about knowing how to find people who will work well.

And, hello, this job includes booking male models… need I say more?


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